Your Testimonial Reviews

 (Print this and look at it daily to inspire your writing. Imagine these reviews are about your book.) 

“Riveting, juiced-up morality tale, predicted blockbuster success, and cinematic!” 

“The story crosses, then double crosses, and explodes into furious fisticuffs!” 

“Careening plot twists, hearty serving of meat-and-potatoes action!” 

“The sort of sparkle that fans relish!” 

“Compelling read, retains the breathless pace throughout, a worthy and capable writer, high-voltage entertainment, honest, and impossible to put down!” 

“Killer of a thriller!” 

“Constant intrigue, action aplenty, bloody good fun!” 

“Fascinating, superb melodrama!” 

“Enough excitement to exhaust the hardiest reader, brave enough to change the course of history, keeping even the most experienced readers guessing!” 

“Something you should not read if you have to work the next day!” 

“More surprises than a six-pack of thriller writers combined!” 

“Light-years beyond literary competition with swagger plot twists upon plot twists until the mesmerized reader is held captive!” 

“Dominated by adventure, while drenched in thrills!” 

“Truly important, riveted from the first word to the last!” 

“No one in the world is writing better than this, with pitch-perfect prose full of joy, a favorite in suspense, elegant by any literary standard!” 

“Sensational, guaranteed to keep you up!” 

“A natural born writing artist who has remarkable talent!” 

“Enormous power, depth, intensity, right on the money, will take over you personal life!” 

“Characters that relate to anyone, witty, lays claim to one of America’s heavyweight titles as best author!”

Ron Knight

Ron Knight

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  1. I love your posts, Ron, and the way you advertise them. This one, for instance, issues a blunt command: READ THIS. So of course I had to click on your URL. You’re always entertaining and instructive…Thanks. Slán, Erin O’Quinn author