Will You Be An Author In Two Years?

There are about 700,000 books published in a year. How many of those 700,000 authors will be around, still writing, in two years? About 20%. How many of those authors will be writing books in four years? About 5%. 

And how many will still be an author in ten years? Less than 2%. 

Publishing will always go through transformations. Traditional publishing, self-publishing, e-books, and a new revision of print-on-demand is in our near future. But the author is still the same. Some of you are determined to have a career in writing, while others just “think” they will have a career in writing. 

Which one are you? I’ll list questions that will force you to look deep inside that dream of yours. 

  • Do you have a gift?
  • Is it possible…just possible…that you could be wasting your time?
  • Does the world really need your book?
  • What have you done today, to fulfill your dream of becoming a career author?
  • What experiences are useful to your writing?
  • Who is the only person that can stop you from becoming an author?
  • Should you adjust to the publishing industry changes or should the publishing industry adjust to you?
  • Will you fail today? How about tomorrow? Next week?
  • What have you accomplished in the last five years as an author?
  • What will you accomplish in the next five years?
  • Who or what is getting in your way?
  • What if your big break was one month away? How would change your daily routine as an author?
  • Describe your target audience?
  • How are you going to reach your audience?
  • How are you perceived by the public?
  • How do you want to be perceived by the public?
  • How much time do you spend connecting and helping other authors?
  • Were you actually born to be an author?
  • How much would have to read each day to be a great author?
  • How do you handle obstacles in life?
  • When you are taking a break, what are doing?
  • When you are waiting for someone, what are you doing?
  • Name five areas you need to improve as an author?
  • What is the number one quality of any author? (Okay, I’ll tell you this one. The answer is patience.)
  • Who is better to give you advice on your book? Family? Friends? Someone in the publishing industry?
  • How much money did you invest in publishing? And how much money did you invest in marketing? (Hint: The second number should be higher.)
  • What threats are out there, willing to steal the joy of you becoming a career author?
  • Do you have the tools for greatness? Or is there room for improvement?
  • How long should you wait to be noticed?
  • What is the first sentence of your book?
  • What is the last sentence of your book?
  • How much enthusiasm do you have today for reading, writing, and marketing?
  • What is better? Reading ten books on “How to become an Author,” or speaking with an experienced author for ten minutes?
  • Do you need a publisher or literary agent, more than they need you?
  • How much value does today have?
  • Is your success measured by how many books you have written, or by how many days you spent as an author?
  • Who is more important? You or your readers?
  • Who tells the story in your book? You or your characters?
  • How much money should you get paid as an author?
  • If things are moving slow, what are you doing in the meantime?
  • Are you a good person for writing a book, or does the book have to be good?
  • Are you in a hurry?
  • There are so many authors. How will you make it? How will you be noticed?
  • Of the people you know, who would be insulted if you gave up?
  • How many people in the entire world can write like you?
  • Will it be a shame if the world never gets to view your book?
  • What makes a better author? Being fast? Or being correct?
  • Will you really have a career as an author?
  • How many ideas do you have for a great book that will travel with you to the grave? 

What is the biggest mistake you can make as an author? I’ll tell you the answer, but only if you are determined to improve every single day. 

The biggest mistake you can make as an author…is not to be an author. 

Ron Knight 

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