Whatever He Wants!

Whatever He WantsThe second place winner of the competitive UP Authors Fiction Challenge is Bridgett Henson with the novel, Whatever He Wants. UP Authors had this to say, “Truly important novel, riveted from the first word to the last!”

UP: How did you react when you discovered that you came in second place?

BH: Most emotions quickly escalated. I was pleasantly surprised, excited, and then disappointed I didn’t place first. I have perfectionist tendencies.

UP: Based on previous feedback from editing, did you feel your book had any chance to finish in the top seven, much less second place?

BH: Yes. The book has received great reviews. Mostly 5 star. However, there were some editorial issues that I corrected in the second edition, which is available now.

UP: What was the inspiration behind your book?

BH: I truly felt called of God to write this story and I feel passionately about the characters. I’ve witnessed the abuse that comes with parental drug use and I’ve been privilege to help secure a little girl from that lifestyle into an adoptive family. However I’ve also witnessed the other side addiction. I understand how difficult it is to break through the bonds of drug and alcohol use. Book Two in the series shows this aspect clearer.

UP: How has working/volunteering at youth conferences motivated you?

BH: I love working with youth. A lot of the experiences of the characters in Whatever He Wants were inspired by real testimonies of my young adult friends.

UP: In what ways do you hope your book will change the lives of others?

BH: I hope this story creates a curiosity in the reader that drives them to seek a deeper relationship with God, because being a Christian isn’t something we do. It is who we are.

UP: Where is ChoctawCountyHigh School and what subjects did you do extremely well?

BH: C. C. H. S. is in Butler, Alabama where I grew up. It is a very small town surrounded by rural areas. Ironically, my best subjects were math and science. I didn’t do so well in English Composition.

UP: What is the best thing to do in Bigbee, Alabama?

BH: Bigbee is about fifty miles south of Butler, on the TombigbeeRiver, so fishing and water sports are the main attraction there.

UP: For other authors that want to write inspirational fiction, what advice do you have?

BH: Pray about it. Ask God to give you a story and then write it.

UP: What goals do you have for the future?

BH: The second book in The Whatever Series, Whatever It Takes, will be released in September 2013. The third book, Whatever Is Done, will be released is December. Also my publisher, Empowered Publications Inc. is accepting submissions from Pentecostal writers.

Ron Knight

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