What Do Americans Buy?

Credit CardIf you understand the purchasing habits of Americans, then you can market your books accordingly. Here’s some easy information for you to adjust your marketing strategies.

Americans spend more money on Lottery Tickets than anything else. 2nd on the list was Sports Tickets. If you have books related to gambling or sports, or a marketing idea that relates to those genres, then you’ll see an increase in sales.

By the way, what was number 3 on the list of what Americans buy the most?


Yes, Americans spent $14.6 billion purchasing books in one year.

In fact, Americans spent more on books than Video Games, Movie Tickets, and even Music!

Do you have a scary book for Halloween? Americans will spend about $80 PER SHOPPER on Halloween this year!

Do you have a book on health or fitness? Americans are spending a total of $30 billion a year to find ways to be healthier!

Americans will spend about 5% of their income on some sort of entertainment. For example, if a person makes $50,000 a year, they will spend $2,500 on things to pass the time. (Note: People over the age of 75 will only spend about $800 a year on entertainment.)

37% of young adults will make a purchase over their phone. However, 77% of young adults say their best experiences come from live events. Also, they want to be connected with more people.

Hmmm…if you have a young adult book, perhaps keep “connection” idea in mind.

Who is making most of the decisions in every household? The answer…moms. Make sure your marketing favors all the “moms” in the world.

Oh, and these moms are strict with their money. 72% are not willing to part with funds unless you give them a good reason.

Remember that about 28% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. How can you help them? Books are proven to be the number one way to gain new ideas. By taking action on those ideas, it leads to wealth.

If you’re an author, just remind people: Reading = Ideas + Action = Wealth.

Finally, what’s the number one marketing program on the planet right now? Is it media and advertisements?


Social media?


The number one strategy for selling products is…WORD OF MOUTH. 37% of people make purchases based only on what their family and friends are suggesting.

Get a word of mouth campaign going and you’ll be golden.

Ron Knight

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