Using “Why” for Author Marketing

Marketing 2Are you struggling with marketing? There’s a simple reason why this happens.

You’re rolling the dice, rather than conveying an attractive message.

Here’s the process on how 98% of authors try to sell books.

First: The author explains “what” they wrote.

Second: The author explains “how” to order the book.

Third: If asked, the author explains “why” they wrote the book.

A common example of an author posting on Facebook, “I wrote a new book called Romantic Imagination! (What) You can order on Amazon! (How) This is based on my own experience and I want to make it part of an ongoing series! (Why)”

So YOU wrote a book and YOU want people to order and YOU love the story.

What about the potential reader? Do they really care about YOU?

Let’s reverse the processes.

First: Begin with the “Why”.

Second: “How.”

Third: “What.”

This will force you to think differently. Here’s an example…

Facebook Post: “It’s time to put a spark in your romance and stretch your imagination beyond the limits. Available on Amazon, your Romantic Imagination is waiting.”

This Facebook post started with “why” a potential reader would love the book, followed by “how” to order and finished with “what” the book is called.

Another approach to get your marketing focused on the potential reader and less on your own needs, is by asking and answering the “Why Question” five times…

Here’s an example of using “5 Why’s” for Jurassic Park, by Michael Crichton.

  1. Why would people want to read Jurassic Park? It’s a cautionary tale of biological tinkering.
  2. Why is that important? This introduces a mathematical system called chaos theory.
  3. Why is that important? Genetically recreating is a dangerous path of uncontrolled chaos.
  4. Why is that important? It reveals the power of changing cells and DNA for personal gain.
  5. Why is that important? If we genetically recreated DNA for personal gain, such as recreating dinosaur DNA, there would be some benefits, but dire consequences.

By asking 5 Why’s, you keep digging to the core of why your book is important. Once Michael Crichton dug down to the 5th Why, he was able to pitch Steven Spielberg with three words, “DNA and dinosaurs.”

Try this with your book. Ask “Why” 5 times and see what message comes to light.

There are two marketing approaches using “Why.” Here’s a review…

~ When using any marketing message, whether it’s on social media, flyers, or postcards, start with “Why,” then follow with “How” and “What.”

~ Ask the 5 Why’s for your book and dig down to the important message in which your future audience wants to hear.

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Ron Knight

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