UP Authors Announces New Contest for Authors!

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UP Authors Announces New Contest for Authors!

Sarasota, FL~ The team at UP Authors has returned with their most popular contest, UP Authors First Chapter and Book Cover Challenge! This contest has brought authors from every stage in their career, including authors that are self-published, traditionally published, and even authors that are working on a new manuscript.

There are two categories for authors: Best First Chapter and Best Book Cover. Winners will receive a JPEG award seal and a testimony that can be placed on a website, social media fan page, or even on the book. Winners also will be mentioned in a press release that will be forwarded via all of UP Authors news feeds and media outlets.

There will be four judges for this challenge:

~ Lisa Potts, Marketing Specialist at UP Authors.

~ Johnathan Weller, Designer at UP Authors.

~ Melissa Link, Co-Founder of UP Authors and CEO of Brand Eleven Eleven.

~ Ron Knight, Co-Founder of UP Authors and Chairman of the First Chapter & Book Cover Challenge.

The entry fee is only $5.00, which covers the expenses to run a contest and promote the authors that win. For submission rules and details of how each category is judged, you can visit the UP Authors contest page at http://www.upauthors.com/contest/ . Or you can email the team at UP Authors for more questions: info@upauthors.com .

UP Authors continues to find ways to benefit those in the publishing industry and help authors succeed.

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