Traits of an Author

Career authors, have certain characteristics. You need specific qualities and moral strength. A distinctive reputation with an extraordinary personality. Start right now to be the kind of author that every agent and publisher is looking for.


Of course, every human should be trustworthy, honest, loving, and care for others. An important trait all authors need is patience. Unlike most industries, the publishing world moves at a snails pace. If you do not have patience, then it is time to think of another career.

 For example, there are agents and publishers that request sixty days before they will give you an answer on your submission. They also say something like, “Do not contact us once your submission has been sent.” What you may not be aware of is the agent or publisher schedules a certain time to look at your submission in about fifty days. Meanwhile, any authors that contact them before the deadline will receive a rejection letter.

In other words, those authors failed the test.

Think about this process. No one has looked at your work, but you were rejected. Why? Because, agents and publishers cannot work with an author who is not patient.


Authors have to be gifted, or at least have some talent. This means you have natural capabilities to write entertaining stories. If you are patient, you can improve your skill. Reading everyday is the best way to develop your gift.


This is different from skill. All the talent in the world will not mean anything if you are not able to perform as an author. You need the ability to retain information, experience what it means to be an author, and be able to produce a marketable product.

Another way of looking at ability is that you need to be competent. I’m willing to guide you, but if you cannot retain the information, or disregard some of what I say, then you are limiting your ability to be an author. If you do not have the patience and skill to read, write, market, and study the publishing industry, then you do not have the ability to be a career author.


 Here is where many authors begin to fail. They have patience, a gift to write stories, and the ability to succeed, but their attitude is dreadful. This happens when the authors develop an opinion of how the publishing world should work.

 Let me remind you that you are hoping that someone will pay for your talent. However, you cannot ask them to play by your rules. An author’s behavior will reflect their chances of success.


 I suppose belief can be observed in two ways: Acceptance and Confidence. Every author, including myself, looks for acceptance. You want to know that everyone likes what you have written. Nevertheless, I believe to gain acceptance, you first must have confidence.

 You must trust yourself. You must rely on yourself. You must be bold. That is a sign of confidence. At the same time, you must be willing to receive information. Accepting the fact that you need to improve and having the confidence to make those improvements, turns into a belief that you can have a career being paid for your writing.

 If you are patient, skilled, you have ability, a great attitude, and believe in yourself and trust others who are trying to help, then you would be an asset to any publisher.

You are motivated, I realize that. But do not go a hundred miles an hour in the wrong direction. I’d rather have you go twenty miles an hour…in the right direction.

 Ron Knight  

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