Training and Workouts for Authors

woman-jogging-blur-1429021Just like a boxer, dancer, jazz singer, and gymnast use different techniques to train, writers need to incorporate several daily routines in their author workout.

The more you spend on each of these, the better an author you will become.

Training: There are books at Target, the grocery store, library, and bookstore. Never, ever, walk into any of these places without looking at the books in your genre.

Workout: When entering these places, scan over all the “New Releases”along with ten other books in your genre. What is the latest trend? How can you be ahead of the next trend?

Training: Scan over book covers in stores and libraries. What stands out as a great cover? Why did it catch your attention? (Use this concept for marketing your books. Understand why certain books catch your attention.)

Workout: Look at twenty book covers a week. (Examine DVD and CD covers for an extra workout.)

Training: In stores or libraries, read the first line of books. Appreciate the powerful impact those first lines make.

Workout: Read twenty to fifty first lines a week. As your speed of reading improves, add more to your workout.

Training: Read the description of books. This is important, because you will need to describe your book in one line, one paragraph, and one page. This will build up your confidence when asked, “What is your book about?”

Workout: Read ten to twenty descriptions a week.

Training: Read the testimonies of books. Understand what makes a great testimony and the source of most testimonies. Do not worry about the book saying, “Bestsellers list,” or “Number one on the bestsellers list.” That has become cliché.

Workout: Read five testimonies a day.

Training: Practice describing people, places, and things.

For example, if it starts to rain, describe the rain hitting the pavement, both sound and visual. Another example is the sky. It changes every second. Look up and describe it in your mind.

When you see people in the grocery store, (Or anywhere) do a quick description in your head. Buildings, cars, houses, restaurants; anything and everything will work with this training exercise. When it is time to write, your quickness with description will be superb.

Workout: Do this at your own pace.

WARNING! Authors that describe everything and everyone in their mind have been known to go insane.

Training: Watch movies with the subtitles on. Understand why lines were written a certain way. Figure out why each word is important to that scene. It will be the same with your book; every word has a significant meaning.

Workout: Watch two movies a week with subtitles.

Training: In the “Special Features” of DVD’s, discover how writers and producers come up with the ideas for the movie and how they created crucial scenes.

Workout: Do this for all the DVD’s you own and rent. Workout at your own pace.

Training: Go to a business-networking meeting and tell everyone you are an author. Usually, these meetings let you stand up and give a thirty-second commercial. This will help you with public speaking and give you the confidence to describe your book in quick fashion.

Workout: One meeting a month.

These training and workout sessions will propel your career!

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Ron Knight

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