The Silken Edge

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The Silken Edge, by Laci Paige 


February 28th, 2013

Laci Paige wins BEST SCENE in the UP Authors Erotic/Romance Contest!

Interview with Laci Paige:

UP: What makes a memorable scene in an erotic/romance novel?

LP:  First there needs to be a connection with the characters, without that you have nothing. Second, it needs to be real so the reader can relate in some way. Third, embrace the reader’s emotions by using feelings and some or all of the six senses. Lastly, take your time with it, and build a slow burn that will eventually blaze.

UP: Do you think of the scenes before they happen, or does it come when you are writing the story?

LP: Mostly they come as I write the story. Sometimes I do have a scene in my head beforehand, but it never comes out the way I intended, which usually it ends up better.

UP: Describe the perfect adult playroom.

LP:  In my mind, the Ideal/perfect playroom should have a little bit of everything, because you never know what kind of mood you’ll be in from one night to the next. Variety in furniture and toys is the way to go!

UP: How close were you to becoming Crystal Paige as a pen name, or was Laci Paige the obvious choice?

LP:  Somebody’s been doing their home work. Crystal was on my top ten list of first names to choose from. So were Laci and Paige, but I liked the way Laci Paige sounded together, so there was no need to search for a last name.

UP: If you met the alien, Paul, where would you take him first?

LP:  I loved that movie! I would take Paul clubbing. Kick back a few drinks, dance, and have fun. Oh, the trouble we would get into!

UP: How do you adapt your writing for both adults and teens?

LP:  Yeah, that’s a tough one sometimes. I recently had a beta reader for my young adult books tell me my current work was on the verge of soft porn, so I had to scale back on it. A second set of eyes always helps me when I think it’s too much for my teens. I also try to think back to my teen years and write from a first person POV, for some reason that helps with the YA stories.

UP: Do you want to discuss the rooftop adventure, or save that story for another time? (And we are not talking about the zoo on the roof. Lol.)

LP:  You were stalking me on Facebook and my blog today weren’t you? Wow, that was a night for the record books, but long story short; drunken military party + raging hormones + nowhere to get away from the hundreds of people = sex on the roof of a neighbors house. (And some sailor got the next day duty free because he just happened to have a condom). Fun times!

UP: How has your husband reacted to being married to an erotic author?

LP:  I just asked him and he waggled his eyebrows, and made a wicked noise. *yikes* He might be up for showing me his reaction here in a minute! When I wrote my first erotic story, and he read it, I thought he was going to fall off the couch. It was not in my nature at all, so to say he was surprised would be an understatement. Since then, things have changed, and it’s opened a whole new world for us.

UP: What is your favorite thing to do outdoors?

LP:  We have a pop-up camper and we love to go camping and hiking, but nothing beats intimacy in the great outdoors. On our last camping trip we hit up a picnic table in the middle of the night in a dark secluded area of the park.

UP: What is the biggest mistake erotic authors make these days?

LP:  I’m no expert, but when people use slang/street talk to describe body parts and sexual acts, it’s a turn off and pulls me right out of a story. Some authors feel they need to talk trashy to be erotic, but I think you can come off sexier with a better use of words.

UP: How have you been able to gain such a quick fan base in a short period of time?

LP:  It’s all about who you know, and networking. My fan page is at 4700 followers and that is because of who I know (someone with a lot of followers pimped me out), and my author page with 1800 friends, that’s due to networking.

up authorsUP: Do you have any advice for young writers that are just getting started?

LP:  For anyone, young or old, I would advise daily writing. The brain needs exercise just as the rest of your body. And I would also suggest reading. Read a lot in the genre you are interested in writing, and then venture off and read something outside of the box to see how others do it. Write, read, write and read some more!

“Laci Paige is a natural born writing artist who has remarkable talent!” ~ UP Authors

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