The Best Way to Sell Books

A MCS Blogs 3Marketing experts tell you to get a website, then you will sell lots of books. So you invest in a website, make it as special as possible, then release it to the world. What happens?


Then you’re told to start blogging three times a week, use search engine optimization, which will drive traffic to your website, then eventually sell books. So instead of writing books, you’re writing blogs. You wait for book sales, but…


Then you’re told to get a Facebook Page and Facebook Profile, which is the new way to sell books. So you spend time putting up your Facebook Page, making sure your profile looks amazing, then release to the world. You’re ready for the book sales to come flying in, but…


Then you’re told to promote your books by posting something everyday on Facebook, while adding Twitter and other social media sites. So you start writing posts and signing up for more social media sites, then write more posts instead of writing books. You’re anticipating sales, but…


In reality your website and social media are places to connect with readers, so what are you doing wrong? I’ll tell you…


The problem is that at some point authors are sold on the fact that websites, social media, and Amazon are marketing campaigns. However, your website, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon are landing sites for potential readers.

Think about that for a second. Your website and social media are places for readers to connect with you as a result from a successful marketing campaign.

Let’s put that all together now, so you fully understand. “Websites and social media are useful AFTER a successful marketing campaign.”

So…what’s the good news?

The good news is that you haven’t wasted any time. You do need a website for readers to know more about you, and yes, social media adds to that experience. However, most marketing plans are geared toward attracting readers, rather than targeting readers.

You won’t be able to draw in readers with a fancy blog, posts, or SEO. Those things are for you to connect with existing fans and potential readers.

What most authors are doing wrong is waiting for the readers to notice the website, Facebook posts, and Tweets, hoping that after they notice those things, book sales will follow.

Target readers, instead of waiting for readers.

Check out 12 Month Author Marketing Plan for a detailed, step-by-step plan to gain readers each month and build your author career while discovering the best ways to sell books.

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  1. Hi, Ron.
    I’m in the final stages on my first novel (editing, proofreading, beta readers) and need a cover design. Can you recommend any cover-design professionals? (Alas, I’m on a tight budget).

  2. Good advice, Ron. i just barely got a start on the 12-onth marketing plan. As you know, for me the thing that has worked the best is at arts & craft fairs and speaking engagements. One-on-one marketing to potential readers (or repeat ones, which I love, especially when they stop by my “tent” and start telling browsers which of my books are their favorites and why.
    I will gladly put your info. up on either my blog or website as soon as I get over there to work on them. I am waiting for further word from Mike. Really appreciate your kind worda about the book. It’s exciting