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I had talked about “The Perfect Author.” Well, here is “The Perfect Circle”: Authors need Literary Agents, Literary Agents need Publishers, Publishers need Bookstores, Bookstores need Readers, Readers need Authors.

This is how the publishing industry should work. However, that is not the case. Somewhere along the line, “The Perfect Circle” has been broken. Not only broken, but smashed to pieces. Who would do such a thing? You may not like the answer, but here it goes…Authors broke that circle.


Let me finish. I’m not talking about you. There are authors who do not read everyday, that are not willing to learn the mechanics of a great book. There are authors who do not market and network. They invest in “Self-(Destructive) Publishing.” And to make matters worse, they do not have any talent. 

You are not such an author. In fact, I know that you are reading, learning the craft, marketing, networking, making wise choices with your money, and would never pay someone to put your book on Amazon.

My manager, Melissa Link, places authors who inquire about her services in a certain color category. Green is the best. It means the author is talented, motivated, has all the tools for greatness, and is almost ready to be published. Blue is next, which means the author needs just a little bit of help and guidance. Orange is an author that needs a lot of work, but over time, she can help them, as long as they help themselves. And if the author is Red, she runs away with all the speed of an Olympic sprinter.

Her job is to help authors to the Green status, so they can go onto wonderful careers. However, the publishing industry is overwhelmed with the Red authors. How many are there? Only 2 out of every 1,000 authors that submit their work to literary agents and publishers are in the Green.

This would explain rejection letters and the system breaking down before our eyes. 998 authors should not be sending a query letter or manuscript to anyone. They are not ready.

Imagine that you are at a writers conference, having an intelligent conversation with another motivated author. You are discussing books, reading, and publishing, when 998 self-indulged, untalented, unmotivated people walk in the door. It would be chaos! You would hardly be able to talk, even think clearly. The air would sucked out of the room. The panel of experts at the writing conference would hear about 998 books that have no purpose being published. Anyone with publishing knowledge would leave the room and never come back.

This is what the industry is going through right now and it is not fair to you, but certainly a hurdle that needs to be overcome.

What is the goal of the 998 of 1,000 unmotivated authors? To be published. What is your goal? To be a devoted author and improve your craft.

There is one more circle that I haven’t told you about. The reason I waited is that I want you thinking like a true author, before you are given this privileged information. Lean in toward the screen and listen to me carefully…”The Perfect Circle does not exist anymore, but the Inner Circle does.”

What is the Inner Circle? It is a place for successful literary agents, managers, editors, and publishers who are in search of a manuscript and author so great, signing that author will be the easiest decision they ever made.

Who is permitted in that Inner Circle? Well, let me first tell you who is not permitted: Authors in the Red. In fact, the Inner Circle will not even talk to those authors or look at them. The only authors that can join the Inner Circle are those that have put in the time to improve their craft, market, network, and build their career.

Here is another thing. Literary agents and publishers who work in the Inner Circle need talented authors, more than the authors need them. It’s sort of a backwards world. The first time you enter, it will be strange. The air is clear. Books are still made in hard back. The smell and sound of print runs is comforting. And there are intelligent plans being made to create books for readers to enjoy. When you look out of the Inner Circle, you will be able to see others trying to get in, but they have yet to find the key.

You did.

Let me finish with a story that was published by Rotten Reviews. A southern writer named John Kennedy Toole wrote a comic novel about life in New Orleans called, A Confederacy of Dunces. So many publishers rejected Toole, that he ended up killing himself. John’s mother refused to give up on her son’s book. She kept sending it out, but was rejected over and over. Finally, Walker Percy assisted her and was able to get the book published by Louisiana State Press. In 1980, A Confedearacy of Dunces won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

It was a shame that John wasn’t around to accept the award.

If I could predict the future and said that you would receive 24 rejection letters before a literary agent will sign you, then you would send 25 query letters. Think about that when you are rejected. “Well, it wasn’t number 24, but it could be number 25.”

Readers in this world need you. Literary agents and publishers are in search for talented authors so they can stay in business. Earn your right to enter the Inner Circle.

Earn your right be to called an author.

Ron Knight

Author of “2-10” www.upauthors.com/authors/ronknight

Manager: Melissa Link

Contact: melissa@scbranding.com

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