Author Horoscope: Libra

If you are an author born between September 23rd and October 22nd, writing is what brings you harmony and balance in your life. You avoid negativity and actually go out of your way to restore peace. This means negative Facebook posts turn you off. And on the flip side, all of your posts are uplifting and sometimes even spiritual. Don’t be surprised if others wait on pins and needles for your next post to make them feel better. Your … [Read more...]

Author Horoscope: Scorpio

If you're an author with a birthday between October 23 and November 22nd, then you are intense, courageous, and have a shrilling imagination. You are a seeker of idealism and never write a story without giving it everything that you have. Your best characters are detectives, or stories that revolve around solving an investigative mystery. Your main characters have terrific gut instincts, ambition, and a strong urge to discover the truth, not … [Read more...]

Author Horoscope: Sagittarius

If you are an author with a birthday between November 23rd and December 22nd, you are confident, adventurous, and straightforward with your writing. All this makes you the perfect author since you explore what others may avoid. You love creating new characters that have enthusiasm for traveling and are searching for the true meaning of life. This allows you as a writer to explore humanity at its deepest level and really understand the … [Read more...]

Building Author Success

When self-publishing arrived, it gave authors more control. However, authors didn’t realize that they were still in the publishing industry, which means, there's a business that needs to be run. Broken Rule Number One: Marketing for Free The self-published author already spent time and money on their book. They certainly don’t have extra funds to spend on marketing. So the author needed to find a free marketing approach. This tactic became … [Read more...]

11 Tips for Author Events

I just attended a book fair in Venice, Florida that had 56 authors selling their books. Here are some things I noticed: ~ About 20% of the authors were sitting. The problem with that is it makes the author look like they aren’t passionate about sharing their story. Of those 20%, only half stood up when I spoke to them. This is a big mistake if you want to sell books. TIP: It can be exhausting, but you must stand and greet each potential … [Read more...]