Author Success Quiz

What are your chances of success? Well, I cannot predict the future, but I can certainly pick out authors that are putting themselves in a position to succeed. Take this quiz to learn more about yourself and what you are willing to do as an author. NOTE: There are no wrong answers. Also, some questions have the same letters repeated. This was done on purpose. Write down your answers on a scratch piece of paper. Enjoy! Question One: Do … [Read more...]

Marketing Past Gatekeepers

If you think about it, there is only one thing stopping you from selling to readers…GATEKEEPERS! They are everywhere. Want to market/sell books in schools? You need to get by the gatekeepers made up of the school board, principals, and teachers. Want to market/sell your books in stores? You need to get by the product purchasing gatekeepers. Want to market/sell your books in libraries? You need to get by the gatekeeper manager. Want to … [Read more...]

Unmatched Writing Ideas

If you come up with an idea for a book, I guarantee someone else in the world has come up with the same idea. If you come up with two ideas and combine those to write a story, that would be a little more distinctive. But if you come up with five ideas and merge them into a story, you would have something unique. Magazines have a great wealth of information. Not only can you find some wonderful ideas for your story, but also you can collect … [Read more...]

Unique Writing & Marketing Ideas For Authors

Untraditional Publishing ™ is for authors that think beyond traditional and self-publishing. Here is an idea with variations added to assist you in writing and marketing books using Untraditional methods. Combining books and music is becoming more popular and I believe will be linked together in the next few years. James Patterson released a soundtrack for one of his books. Jeffery Deaver used a singer as a character, then created music videos … [Read more...]

Book Sales Ideas: Book Kit

I am starting a new series that has one simple goal for authors…SELL BOOKS! After all, you need books sales to survive. I know you love reading and writing, but you need to earn money, because this is your career! Let me offer you a fictitious contract to become an author at Untraditional Publishing. The success plan at UP is this: Author Confidence, which leads to… Author Knowledge, which leads to… Self-Discovery, which leads … [Read more...]