110 Tips for Authors: 21-30

Do you need tips or advice on improving your author career? Read on! 21: Invest funding into a marketing plan that gives you the maximum benefit and the best opportunity to sell books. For more ideas, visit 12 Month Author Marketing Plan. 22: If someone gave you five random magazines, then you should be able to use that information in those magazines to create an entertaining story and possibly a new marketing approach. 23: … [Read more...]

110 Tips for Authors: 11-20

Do you need tips or advice on improving your author career? Read on! 11: You should have a book with you at all times and read whenever you have a lull. You can read for just 9 minutes a day and improve your chances of wealth by achieving unique ideas to write and market books! Don't forget the 9 Minute Reading Challenge and receive FREE promotion! 12: Think about how you publish books and consider something that no one else is doing. … [Read more...]

110 Tips for Authors: 1-10

Do you need tips or advice on improving your author career? Read on! 1: Save yourself time and money by marketing to cities that have the highest population of your ideal target reader. 2: Market to higher educated cities and with mid to high income levels. These cities are filled with people that purchase 20-25 books a year. 3: Offer a free download of your book. This is the gateway to building a large fan base. 4: Read your … [Read more...]

AUTHORS: Where is your money spent?

K.M. Weiland asked authors where they spend the most amount of money. Here are some of the more popular answers: “Reading fiction and non-fiction books.” “Publishing.” “Classes/Training/Schooling” “Publishing/Writing magazines.” “Writing supplies/laptop.” “Writing software/writing apps.” “Travel.” I was extremely happy to see that “reading” was the most popular answer. If you don’t read good books, bad books, fiction … [Read more...]

Statistics = Roadmap to Author Success

Statistic: 23% of readers visit an author’s website and only 18% have visited the publisher’s website. This means that readers absolutely care about the person writing the book more than the company who published the book. Lesson: Remember that authors write the books, so authors control the publishing industry. Statistic: A survey of 1,000 New Yorker’s done by American Express found that 42% of people would rather spend New Year’s Eve … [Read more...]