Authors: Fast Forward 10 Years!

The best way to fast forward 10 years of hard work, avoid making mistakes, and gain much needed experience is to understand the skills and process of those who already achieved success. Keep in mind that millionaire authors weren’t lucky and they aren’t more talented than you. Most likely they spent at least 10 years gaining skills and experience, but you can shortcut the process. A self-made billionaire named H.L. Hunt had three key … [Read more...]

AUTHORS: How do you become famous?

Right now you probably lack many things including time, money, and opportunities. Remember this key point: “Imagination is the one thing that will make up for everything you lack.” This means your powerful imagination will ignite during the reading of this blog and success will follow! To stimulate your imagination and increase amazing ideas to help your author career, read on! Top 20 Percent Before you spend another day as an author, … [Read more...]

Whatever He Wants!

The second place winner of the competitive UP Authors Fiction Challenge is Bridgett Henson with the novel, Whatever He Wants. UP Authors had this to say, “Truly important novel, riveted from the first word to the last!” UP: How did you react when you discovered that you came in second place? BH: Most emotions quickly escalated. I was pleasantly surprised, excited, and then disappointed I didn’t place first. I have perfectionist … [Read more...]

Take it like an Author

In 1995, I showed a publishing lawyer out of New York my first novel. He had a condo just a stones throw away from Stephen King's Florida home. Also, he helped Stephen King in the early years. This was the kind of person that could make an authors career! However, the publishing lawyer handed my manuscript back and said, "Keep trying." That was it. His words of wisdom were to, "Keep trying." I just said thank you and went on my … [Read more...]

Top 10 Social Media Posts

If you are an author and interested in increasing your visibility to those in the publishing industry, then you need to make social media posts that have an impact on your specific target audience. Here is a Top Ten List of Social Media Posts that had the biggest impact for me over the last 90 days: 10. I posted this quote: “Writing is an occupation in which you have to keep proving your talent to those who have none.” ~ Jules Renard (This … [Read more...]