Which Readers Have Value?

The decisions that your target readers make are from their heart, meaning, based on their inner emotions. Readers assign value to every book that they consider. Readers ask two questions: ~ Why am I considering this book? ~ Why this book have more value than the 300,000 other books that had been published this year? You can begin to answer those questions by thinking outwardly. Every reader in the world has a certain value to … [Read more...]

Literary Agents Accepting Submissions

Do you need a literary agent? Here are a few that I really like. Also, I included some advice from each agent to use for future reference. Bradford Literary Agency Summary: Fiction: Romance (historical, romantic suspense, paranormal, category, contemporary, erotic), urban fantasy, women’s fiction, mystery, thrillers, children’s,  and young adult. Non fiction: Business, relationships, biography/memoir, self-help, parenting, narrative … [Read more...]

10 Bookstores for Self-Published Authors

There’s been a high demand for self-published authors to get into bookstores. Here’s a list to get you started. Barnes & Noble Stores Summary: Let’s start with the longshot. There’s over 100,000 submissions each year, but if you follow their guidelines, it’s worth the chance. Website: http://www.barnesandnobleinc.com/for_authors/how_to_work_with_bn/how_to_work_with_bn.html Watermark Books Summary: According to the owner, Sarah … [Read more...]

Knowledge = Fans

Your knowledge is what will attract readers. (1) Benefit your readers, (2) be available to your readers, (3) entertain your readers, (4) plant images into your reader’s subconscious, (5) be the most knowledgeable person in your reader’s life. (1) Benefit your readers. I’ll say this a hundred times until every author believes these words, “Write books that fill a need in the life of your target audience.” If you benefit a reader, they will … [Read more...]

UP Authors Fiction Challenge!

UP Authors A Brand Eleven Eleven Company 3516 N. Lockwood Ridge Road Sarasota, Florida, 34234 941-799-9079 www.upauthors.com www.brand1111.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July, 18th, 2013 UP Authors Announced Winners of Fiction Challenge! UP Authors Fiction Challenge has been completed. Sixty-two competitive entries all battled for the top seven places. The difficult challenge for UP Authors was choosing the best books, since most … [Read more...]