Write for These People…

“If you want to write for yourself, get a diary. If you want to write for your friends, get a blog. If you want to write for others…become an author.” ~ James Patterson Many authors admit that they, “Write from their heart.” However, it’s best to write from, “Your reader’s heart.” This will increase your chances of success by a thousand percent. If book sales are low, then take a look at your social media posts, blogs, and even your books. … [Read more...]

5 Ideas to Sell More Books

Idea One: Sell your fiction novel the same as a non-fiction writer would sell their books. Use examples from weight loss gurus. List 10 ways your books benefit readers. Pretend everything that happened in your fiction book is real! Idea Two: Send Christmas cards, Valentine Day cards, and Happy Halloween cards to leaders of book clubs, local organizations, and businesses. It’s low cost and high value. Idea Three: Team up with several authors … [Read more...]

A Couple of Great Ideas to Sell More Books

Idea One: Increase your chances of getting into a bookstore by sending the owner or manager a quick video showing the benefit of your books and how you understand their target audience. You’ll be the only author that does that, which will give you a huge advantage. Idea Two: Write everything you have on a whiteboard. This includes the title of all your books that are published, books that are sitting in your lap top, products that you have to … [Read more...]

The Best Way to Sell Books

Marketing experts tell you to get a website, then you will sell lots of books. So you invest in a website, make it as special as possible, then release it to the world. What happens? Nothing. Then you’re told to start blogging three times a week, use search engine optimization, which will drive traffic to your website, then eventually sell books. So instead of writing books, you’re writing blogs. You wait for book sales, … [Read more...]

4 Keys to Author Success

The first advice given to me by a publishing lawyer was, “Authors read, write, publish, and market.” That may have sounded obvious, but I’ve based my entire career on that advice knowing that the key to success is excelling in reading, writing, publishing, and marketing. If you can do that, then you will have a long, rewarding career as an author. (You can gain more ideas by visiting 12 Month Author Marketing Plan!) Excel at … [Read more...]