11 Word Blog: Your Value

Your community of readers needs something valuable from you right now. Ron Knight … [Read more...]

Great Writing vs Phenomenon

E.L. James was named Publisher Weekly’s Person of the Year. What does this mean? Marketing is more important than breaking every writing rule that could possibly be broken. It means that great writing is not as important as creating a phenomenon. All those in E.L. James’ corner, which is her editor, literary agent, publishers around the world, and of course, PW, claim that, “It’s not about the money. E.L. James is changing the publishing … [Read more...]

Validating Your Book

If you are a self-motivating author, then you have the responsibility to decide whether your book is both entertaining and marketable. In traditional publishing, your work will have to pass several tests. Most authors in self-publishing depend on the acceptance, or rejection of their book from the readers. I used to own a board game company. Although I had over twenty games for children and adults, only a few were selected. The first step was … [Read more...]

Apply To Be An Author

Whether you are trying to sign with a literary agent, traditional publisher, or going with a self-publisher, you need to take the approach as if you are applying for a job. The more you excel in areas that involve being an author, the better chance someone will hire you or simply believe in you. If you understand the skills and duties that are associated with your craft, then you can better understand your strengths and weaknesses. By taking … [Read more...]

All Authors Have it Tough

I belong to a group called, Definitive Serious Writers on LinkedIn. A question was asked, “What was your most embarrassing moment as a writer?” It was good to see authors making fun of themselves after a mistake. Here are some examples. “I was at a book signing with advanced copies on the east coast. I get a frantic call telling me to STOP SELLING. I guess the wrong file got uploaded to the printhouse, and it was only the revised draft, not … [Read more...]