Stay Consistent

If you are seeking traditional publishing, but have not been able to sign with a literary agent or publisher, it can be frustrating. On the other hand, if you went the self-publishing route and sales are not what you expected, it can be equally frustrating.

Some other words you may use to describe the process can be annoying, wearisome, even a bit maddening.

It’s really a bad news, good news situation. The bad news is that authors usually start out broke. The good news is that one-day an author “breaks through” and ends up with enough money to have a nice career.

What is the solution? Review these definitions:

Constant “Faithful, dependable.”

Consist “Be composed. Having the ingredients or essentials.”

Consistent “Well-matched, or in harmony with others.”

If in everything you do as an author, you are faithful, dependable, composed, having the essentials, well-matched, and in harmony with others, then you will be extremely valuable to literary agents, publishers, and readers.

Being consistent for a month, or even a year may not show much of a payoff. Nevertheless, if you ask any author that has succeeded, they will tell you to, “Never give up. Just keep at it.”

In other words, be consistent.

If you deliver a consistent message that benefits your target audience, and you are consistent in improving your writing mechanics and storytelling, with a consistent writing style so readers know what to expect, and consistent in building relationships, opportunities will begin to shift your way.

Consistent Books

It can be difficult for an author that has written less than five books to be consistent at anything. Your writing style will change drastically with each new book. In fact, you will notice that your writing at the end of the book is much better than the beginning. That’s because you are improving that quick.

And it’s why you should stay consistent and keep writing.

Consistent Reading

I feel you should read more than you write, but I seem to be alone with that kind of thinking. However, I can say with the utmost confidence that if you do not have a consistent reading schedule, then you will not improve as an author.

Consistent Paper Marketing

This mainly includes your bookmarks and flyers. Over time, people should know who you are at a glance, because your artwork and message on your paper marketing has become recognizable.

Consistent Blogs

You may not feel your blogs are gaining steam, but if you stay consistent in reaching your audience, then the payoff will arrive. If you talk about yourself and give updates on your blogs, you will not gain as much momentum as if you used the time to benefit your target readers.

Consistent Social Media

Every post is another opportunity to gain a new reader. Think I’m exaggerating? Did you know that people can find you on Twitter based on the content in your profile and the content in your Tweets?

Look at our last five posts on Facebook. Do those posts benefit your target reader?

Consistent Photo

This works especially for blogs and social media. If you have the same photo connected with your posts, people will begin to recognize you, which is important, considering the amount of blogs and posts that show up on a daily basis.

Here are some other words you can associate with “Consistent”:






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