Statistics = Roadmap to Author Success

MCS BLOG 13Statistic: 23% of readers visit an author’s website and only 18% have visited the publisher’s website. This means that readers absolutely care about the person writing the book more than the company who published the book.

Lesson: Remember that authors write the books, so authors control the publishing industry.

Statistic: A survey of 1,000 New Yorker’s done by American Express found that 42% of people would rather spend New Year’s Eve quietly at home with a romantic partner.

Lesson: If you write romance novels, work on a marketing campaign that brings couples together on New Year’s Eve, reading your book! You can also use this statistic as a lead when pitching Indy bookstores.

Statistic: A survey of readers in 64 cities conducted by University of Wisconsin-Whitewater provided results on the most popular reading areas.

1: Minneapolis

2: Seattle

3: Denver

4: Atlanta

5: San Francisco

(47: New York)

In a second survey, areas with the most bookstores were provided:

1: Seattle

2: San Francisco

3: Portland

4: Minneapolis

5: Atlanta

Lesson: Increase your odds by marketing in areas with a high amount of readers and bookstores.

“An author’s market research should consist of finding new opportunities to use your imagination.” ~ Ron Knight

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