Social Media Sites, Can they Help Me?

First let’s start by recognizing that there are over 250  Million Active Facebook users in the United States. Active meaning they log on to facebook at least once per month. Of those 50% log on to facebook every single day. The time individuals spend per day on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace is greater than the time spent by users checking their email.

With that said. Social Media sites can provide a way to reach your friends and family as well as their friends and family at no cost to you. With the only cost to you being your time spent on building your network. So for those of you with little to no money to market your book, this could be an excellent option for you.

What’s the up side?

  • Reach an ever growing network
  • Keep your friends, family and readers updated.
    Updates are short and simple and can be done at anytime day or night.
  • Announce new books, book signings and other events.
  • Ask advice.
    Not sure what the title should be for your next book? Ask your network! If your network becomes part of your process they will feel a part of your book and will help you promote your book to their network!
  • Link to your website or your webpage on
  • No Cost

However, a little warning to those of you out there who think this is an easy answer. Establishing your account is free and easy, building your network is not! It will take dedication. You should expect to spend a  minimum of 10 minutes a day updating your status and responding to comments. You will spend even more time at first adding family and friends to your network.

The best part is that you will have actual numbers to show a potential publisher. Remember, part of’s philosophy is to help you build a following.

So, get started today! And you can add me as your first friend/fan/follower! My account links are listed below.

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On Facebook:

Have question please feel free to comment or email me with a question at Your questions could be the topic for our next blog post!

Melissa Powley