Simplify to Sell More Books

Simple 2You have 7-8 seconds to keep someone’s attention. (How am I doing so far? Lol) Your marketing, book descriptions, and your stories should have two main themes:

Powerful and Simple.

Did you know it’s actually more difficult to make a simple marketing campaign for your books than a complicated marketing plan? Anyone can post something people ignore; it takes talent and practice to post something memorable.

Here are some tips to keep your marketing simple, so you can sell more books.

Simple Tips

  • Everything you write should be understood by a sixth grader.

This includes the writing in in your books, everything you post on the Internet, and all printed materials.

  • On your Facebook posts and Tweets, use the Villain/Hero formula and keep it short.

Think about the Facebook post that brought you here. “Having trouble with book sales? (Villain) Simplify the process. (Hero)” 8 words told a quick Villain/Hero story to gain your interest. You can do the same thing!

  • Sometimes don’t use words, use a picture and a link.

Maybe zero words are even better! Here’s an example.

Excited Guy

12 Month Author Marketing Plan

  • People remember things in 3’s.

When writing descriptions for your books on the jacket, Amazon, or your website, many authors tend to give lengthy details with 7-10 main points, rather than using 3. People stop reading and move on to the next book.

Richard Branson gives this advice, “Say what you mean in as few, well-chosen words as possible.”

Here’s an example of simplifying a description using three main points. (The main points are in bold and the description is about YOU.)

“Your book passes through the darkness, guided by your talent, and appeals to those who want to better their lives.” That’s 20 words, with three main points. Also, I use the Villain/Hero process. “Darkness” (Villain) “Better their lives” (Hero.)

Steve Jobs said, “You have to work hard to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end, because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

Begin simplifying everything today and watch your book sales rise!

Ron Knight

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