Selling Books, Part One: “Titles”

I’m going to start a new series of blogs that focuses on the one thing that pays the bills, which is selling books. So many important factors will disrupt or increase the flow of book sales. I will discuss them all.

The title of your book is the name of your product. Serious thought should be put into how and why you gave the book a certain title. Here are some key points to make sure your title is remembered and eye-catching to increase book sales.


  • Do a Google search with your potential title. Then, do another Google search with the title and the word “Novel.” If any other author has a match, no matter how far in the past their book was released, consider changing.
  • Do not use a generic title. You may think that your title is unique, but while doing your Google search, it could be mixed with all kinds of brands, products, and company names that will bury you in the search engines.

Attention Grabber

  • It should make readers curious about your book. Curiosity can lead to sales.
  • The title will be linked to you forever. The perfect situation is that twenty years from now, readers will continue to associate your titles with your name. If I said the word “Cujo,” what comes to mind?

Impossible to Copy 

  • If your title is unique, then other authors will not use it, even by mistake. Not every author will do a Google search before settling on a title. If your title is the same as amateur authors, it will hurt your sales.
  • Another way to avoid someone copying you is by reserving all major web domain names.

Easy to Say

  • Your title should be easy to pronounce. Just don’t get so crazy with the “Impossible to Copy” idea that you call your book, “Irreproachable Peccadillo.” (“Blameless Sin.”)

Be Risky

  • Do not try to make everyone happy with the title of your book. Think only of your target audience. For example, there is a book called, “Poop Picnic,” made for younger elementary children. I hate the title, but it was risky enough that I did not forget it. (And yes, I looked inside to see more.)
  • Risky Title = Uniqueness = Attention Grabber = Impossible to Copy = Book Sales.

I have one last tip to consider. Take out the word, “The” in your title. By omitting “The,” you are staying away from thousands and thousands of book titles that use “The.” You tell me what sounds better:

“The Justice” or “Justice”

“The Retribution” or “Retribution”

“The Monster” or “Monster”

“The 1st to Die” or “1st to Die”

Just like publishing your book, you will only have one shot at making a connection and eventual sale with a reader. Use a unique and compelling title as your introduction to the world…

Ron Knight 

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