Sell Fiction Like Non-Fiction, Part One

Selling fiction is tough. No one has all the answers, or a magical formula. My advice is to swing the odds in your favor.

Non-Fiction books are a much easier sell for several reasons. Approach your marketing and sales plan with these same ideas and you will see better results.


Non-Fiction authors are experts in a certain area. People trust creditable non-fiction authors. Fiction authors should ask this question: “Why am I qualified to write this book?” You should also ask yourself, “Why am I qualified to write in this genre?” Relay that information to your target audience.


The more research a non-fiction author does for their book, the more creditable they are. Fiction authors need to focus on two main areas: research for your novel and research for your target audience. Show that research in your blogs, comments, and posts.


Not all non-fiction writers have experience being authors. The reason their first book has a great chance of selling, is because they have enough experience to write the content in the book. Fiction authors can gain experience in their genre, but the most valuable way to profit from that experience is to have enough knowledge to show the readers. This is why reading, writing, marketing, and industry research is so critical.

Target Audience

Non-Fiction authors really know their audience and communicate with that audience, even if it is one person at a time. Your reader cannot be male or female, from the ages of twenty-five to seventy-five. You need to narrow that down. If others outside your target audience read your book, that is a bonus. No matter what product or service you are selling, the target audience always comes first in marketing plans. Non-Fiction writers can describe their readers, right down to the kind of car they drive.

Problem Solving

Non-Fiction books solve problems. For the author, that should be the number one goal. Solve the problem of the reader. Fiction authors should ask that same question, “How does my novel solve the problems of my target audience?” Bestselling non-fiction authors ask that same question, before writing the book. They research the problem in detail and then write accordingly. If fiction authors wrote this way, they would share the bestsellers list.

In my next blog, I will give you more ways to sell like a non-fiction author. Until then, start using this advice today. Ask yourself questions that will lead to book sales…

Ron Knight  

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