Save Bookstores…Save AUTHORS!

There is a scramble in the publishing industry to save bookstores. Why? Because publishers and authors need bookstores. Those that say bookstores should just concede defeat, are the same cynics that are bashing libraries.

By the way…we need to save libraries as well.

And what else should we save? Hmmm…How about AUTHORS!

I suppose the first thing we should consider, is why bookstores are struggling. That’s easy…e-books. Ironically, e-books are saving publishers and literary agents, while giving authors a chance to sell their work.

CAUTION! E-books are a wonderful outlet for an authors work, but like self-publishing, the number of sales can be low. You might see more sales than if you printed books, but even so, I’ll bet my unsound royalty check that your e-book sales are not enough for you to survive.

Have you ever heard of a company called, Enthrill Entertainment? No? They are launching their new project in about a month, which will help save bookstores. The company’s idea is to sell e-books in bricks and mortar stores using cards that replicate the books cover and contain an access code that allows the buyer to download a copy of the book to the device of his or her choice.

How cool is that!

Keep in mind; the cards have to be tested in a select few stores, using a select few authors. However, I see no reason why this would not work. Further more; I can envision authors at an event, selling gift cards that have a picture of their book cover for $2.99, rather than selling a printed book for $12.00. I can also see these cards used as prizes or incentives.

Here is another bonus. If you do not sell books on your website, or you do not even have a website, the cards can still be sold in stores or events.

How popular have gift cards become over the last five years? Authors should be waiting on pins and needles for this technology.

Let’s look into the future. You have a new book coming out in the fall that is a monster in size. Meaning, it is over 400 pages long. If you self-publish that book, you would probably sell it for $25.00. (Even if it’s soft back.) You attend several events, but the sales are low. In fact, you’ll be lucky to sell one copy.

Now, imagine that you are attending an event and selling that same book for $2.99 on an e-book card. Or maybe, you are selling it for .99 cents. Expect your sales to be much higher.

This is all about packaging. Your book can be sold in a hard back, soft back, digital, or on a gift card. Choose whatever works best for you.

I just want to say one last thing to bookstores…Welcome back!

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  1. Great idea – provided the technology’s not immediately bought up by one of the big five or Amazon and is restricted for self-pubs.
    And if bookshops can have access to ALL ebook distribution channels we might see an explosion of new outlets. Or not. But we can live in hope!