Ruby Standing Deer: Rising UP!

CirclesUP: What was your reaction after discovering you finished in the top seven?

RSD: I felt honored, and very surprised.

UP: How did you come up with the idea for Circles?

RSD: I have special dreams. One night an Elder Native American came into one of my dreams and told me to get up and write. I jerked awake, and sat there wondering what he really meant. Could he really mean for me to write a book? I tried to drift back into sleep, but I heard a woman’s voice telling me her story.

I knew sleep would not come. I slipped away from my snoring dogs and wandered into the living room where my computer waited. I sat down, no idea what to write, and four hours later, I had two chapters.

UP: Why does Circles seem like it’s a real story as opposed to fiction?

RSD: There is truth mixed into the fiction. I allowed the fiction to tell the story.

UP: How did your experience as a youth relate to your writing?

RSD: I had wonderful grandparents who helped raise me on the ranch. My grandmother taught me the wild plants and told me stories. I am 1/2 Cherokee, and even as a child I knew that was deep in my blood. When I was seven years old, I would pretend I lived in a lodge/teepee. I felt a great connection to Nature even at that age.

UP: What benefit did you receive from joining writing groups when first starting out?

RSD: I belong to the Writer’s VillageUniversity. They have free classes taught by other members, and there are many writing groups to join. Everyone is helpful there and I love it so much I became a lifetime member. I had tried another group, but you had to buy reviews through auctions. Only one member really helped me.

UP: How has Evolved Publishing benefited you?

RSD: As far as I am concerned, I have the best editor I could ever ask for, Lane Diamond, who is also my mentor. Megan Harris, also an editor, helped me with my second book, Spirals, and did a fine job.

Evolved Publishing is a wonderful business that encourages authors, helps them promote their books, and offers sound advice for writers. I am fortunate to be part of this fast growing business.

UP: Who has supported you the most with your writing?

RSD: There is not just one, but if I had only one to chose, it would be

Lane Diamond.

UP: Why is it important for you to read your stories out loud?

RSD: It helps me to catch mistakes I would not have otherwise.

UP: How do you feel your stories will change the lives of others?

RSD: Important lessons are weaved into the story. I have had emails from people who told me it had helped them. One reader gave my book to her daughter to read.

UP: What have animals taught you about life?

RSD: Have patience! Relax! Nothing clears the mind more than a walk. I have special needs animals who require care. I have my own pains, and the animals have shown me I can endure them. They know when I am frustrated and one always offers his leash to me. ‘Lets go work it out.’

I have had animals my whole life. They comfort me, offer their guidance that I can only describe as empathic. Animals are much smarter than humans give them credit. They remind me that I do not need all the things that people have in modern life. They just exist, plain and simple.

UP: What advice do you have for new authors?

RSD: Take grammar and creative writing classes. Join a GOOD writing group and pay attention. Writers must grow a thick skin and not give up just because someone points out many flaws in their writing. It is all part of learning.

UP: What goals do you have for the near future?

RSD:  I am working on my third book, Stones. Writing has become a way for me to express myself, and I will keep writing stories I think will be useful.

Ron Knight

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  1. Nice interview, Ron and Ruby. I love CIRCLES, and Ruby, and am so pleased she has received some well-deserved recognition.