RK LISTEvery year I do a top 100 list of authors that I’ve noticed on Facebook. The list included authors that did something to catch my attention and the author always seemed to be promoting in a way to benefit readers and help other authors.

Instead of doing this once a year, I decided to do this once a month! However, I’m not going to list 100 authors. Instead, I’m going to do 9 authors a month. (Why 9? I have my reasons.)

Remember that I have 4,700 author friends on Facebook, so choosing only 9 is difficult. Here’s what I look for:

~ What would readers think of the author’s posts on Facebook? (Does the author post things that benefit their target audience?)

~ Are the posts upbeat? (Does the author often complain about personal issues?)

~ Do any of the posts benefit other authors? (For example, posting links to websites that help authors with marketing.)

~ Does the author promote their books using clever content?

~ Most importantly, will I know it’s an author making a post based on what they say? (If you post about your latest trip to the movies, then I’m thinking of you as someone that goes to the movies, rather than an author.)

If you want to make this list, it’s okay to email me with a link to your Facebook profile, and/or your Facebook Fan Page. I’ll view your posts and consider you.


Now that you have an idea of what I’m looking for, let’s get started with a list that I put together based on July’s performances.


9. Kelly Williams, “If you’re looking for some magic formula that makes you the next big writer, you’ve already started the equation wrong.”

8. Bradley Nickell, “Never allow self-centered people to get in your way.”

7. Kate Marie Collins, “What a day it’s been!”

6. Sara Humphreys, “You…Are…Awesome.”

5. Melanie Young-Author, “The book always goes much deeper than the film.”

3. (Tied for 3rd) Linda Barton, “Ain’t no chocolate cake gonna tell me what to do! Lol.”

3. (Tied for 3rd) Lisa Vandiver, “Never give up, because the opportunity that you’re wanting might just be around the corner.”

2. Robert Capko, “I have officially gone one year without cable television and I don’t miss it!”

1. KM Weiland, “Discover a method that will bring you peace.”

Congratulations to all of these authors. I’ll post my August list next month!

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