Ron Knight’s, Top 50 Facebook Authors!

To make this list, these authors had to catch my attention at some point over the year. To be on the top of the list, the author had to keep my attention. As an author, that is your goal for social media. If I noticed you, then someone else in the publishing industry may have noticed you as well.

There were over 7,000 choices. Here are the top 50…

50. Vincent Zandri: The Remains. “Everyone from agents to editors to your own mother are hypercritical, it’s never what you’ve done, it’s always what you’re doing now.”

49. Marjorie Gilbert: The Return. “I am a wife, home schooling mother of two, who writes historical fiction.”

 48. Diane Wylie: Secrets and Sacrifices. “I’ve had so much fun since getting my first book published!”

47. T.L. Cooper: All She Ever Wanted. “We’ll just enjoy each other’s company on this ride we call life.”

46. Carl Franklin: Bloodlines. “His life hasn’t gone completely unnoticed, with several acts of philanthropy and always a smile in the crowd.”  

45. Dena Harris: The Business Writing Expert. “Author, writer, speaker, runner, reader, cat lover, aspiring vegan, Mid-Western girl who somehow ended up living in the South.”

44. Joy Deja King: Trife Life To Lavish. “Literary Sweetheart.”   

43. Becky Newell Lipscomb: “Trying to write a wonderful picture book or the break through mg/ya novel.”!/B.N.Lippy?sk=info  

42. Viola Russell: Buried Truths “I’m a New Orleans native who is pursuing a writing career.”  

41. Debra L. Martin (and David W Small): Rule of Otharia. “Their habit of sharing books back and forth had led them both to like and read pretty much the same kinds of genre.”    

40. Stephen Penner: Professor Barrister’s Dinosaur Mysteries. “To find out why I’m holding a glowing blue dinosaur egg, check out my books, PROFESSOR BARRISTER’S DINOSAUR MYSTERIES, available at & other online stores.”

39. Mitzi Szereto: Erotic Travel Tales. “The pioneer of the erotic writing workshop in the UK and Europe, teaching them from the Cheltenham Festival of Literature to the Greek islands.”

38. Kiki Howell: The Sorcerer’s Songs. “Where love is a magical thing.”

37. Dawn Judd: Reining In. “Enjoys all things creative!”   

36. Mike Dellosso: Darlington Woods. “Thirty-something husband and daddy, suspense author, and battler of cancer”  

35. Anara Bella: Brazen or Bust. “Reading is always at the top of my list of favorite things to do.” 

34. Gordon Basichis: The Blood Orange. “The Co-Founder of Corra Group, which specializes in background checks and corporate research and investigation.”

33. Patty Wiseman: Angie’s Diary. “I like ancestry and finding out about the generations before me.”

32. Alex Knight: What Luck! “When I’m not busy reading or writing I can be found gathering research for my next novel or acting as my partner’s photography assistant.”   

31. Lesley Frost: Mother Mary. “As Mama Frost always said, ‘If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes.’ Not sure who gets the original credit on this one…but to me, it will always be my mother.” 

30. Tristi Pinkston: Dearly Departed. “I also enjoy making shopping lists, spending time with my kids, and taking Sunday afternoon naps, which are so necessary.”

29. James Forrest: Eye of the Storm. “Jack of all trades and master of none. Working on becoming a brilliant author. Just here to cause trouble. And make friends of course.”  

28. P.i. Barrington: Final Deceit. “Best childhood memory is the scent of California Pepper Trees, Orange Blossoms, Rain & the Santa Ana winds of pine and sand!”  

27. Joey Pinkney: The Soul of a Man Anthology. “My goal is to give authors extra exposure.”

26. Mari Priscilla Hanson: Sleepy Sun. “When I was a little girl, my mom always read me books before I fell asleep at night.”

25. Cathy Kennedy: The Tale of Ole Green Eyes. “We have one life. Make the most of each day in each way. Live today as if there was no tomorrow.”

24. Diana Cosby: His Conquest. “I am passionate about researching Scotland in the 1290’s. It’s an amazing time.”   

23. Mike Clark: The Daily Motivator. “I travel and perform prison ministry and speak in recovery centers on a routine basis.”…

22. Julie O’yang: Sharashina Nikki, The Sharashina Diary. “En het doet er ook niet toe. Al vanaf mijn kindertijd weet ik dat het leven maakbaar is en de werkelijkheid het gevolg van fantasie.”

21. Owen Quinn: The Time Warriors. “Come on publishers, come and get me!!!”

20. L.E. Fallon: Trip to Paradise. “May all those who pass this way be blessed with love, happiness and continued peace.”

19. Lisa Unger: Fragile. “It’s only when I’m writing that I know I’m truly home.”

18. Ron Smith: Passing Through. “Late in life I discovered that I can write a book, catch trout on a fly rod, and learn to function on Facebook. I also learned that I’m a pretty good grandfather.”

17. David Earl: Koala Koala. “Koala Koala wants others to know that he is not a bear; he’s a koala, just a koala.”   

16. Terri Blackstock: Predator. “My goal is to write fiction that will keep you up all night, and I work hard to pull that off.”

15. Kenneth Weene: Memoirs From the Asylum. “I try to enjoy growing older without losing my sense of humor.”

14. Christie Silvers: A Midnight Infatuation. “If you like stories with vampires, werewolves, strong female leads with a fast-paced exciting feel, check out my books!”

13. Barbara Grovner: Even Numbers. “If it is dark enough and no one is looking…”   

12. Julie Smith Dolcemaschio: Testarossa. “Welcome to your life. There’s no turning back.”  

11. Terrell Griffin: Bitter Legacy. “I’m a retired Orlando, Florida trial lawyer and writer of mystery novels.”

Before we get to the top ten, here are some other names that were considered, but just missed the list. I put them in alphabetic order, using the first names: (And there were lots more, so don’t feel bad if your name is missing.)

Alex Carrick

Alexander Long

Brian Moreland

Cait Braxton

Carl J. Franklin

Caroline Bell Foster

Deb Peters

Debra Lee

Dashawn Taylor

Dona Lee Gould

Eileen Thornton

Eloisa James

Franz McLaren

Gary Ponzo

George Davis

Glenn Kleier

Heather Brewer

Hilary Wagner

Howard Hopkins

Iris Blobel

J.A. Konrath

Jackie Mahaney

Jordan Dane

Jose Varghese

June Washington

J.R. Ward

J.W. Thompson

Kevin James Breaux

Lucy King

Maggs Lemke

Maureen Child

Michael Charton

Michael Gilwood

Michelle Janine Robinson

Missy Lyons

Oneal Waters

Paisley Smith

Pam Callow

Pamela Bell English

Patricia Gussin

Rachel Vincent

Regina Perry

Rick Frishman

Rj Fury

RJ McGill

Roger Smith

Ronald Lazenby

Sandra Brown

Scott Barely

Stanley Kubrick

Stephen Shore

Susan Child

Sylvester Stephens

Tim Walsh

Tina Pavlik

Tom Rieber

Wayne Kehl

Will Cantrell

Here are the Top 10! 

10. Ronald S. Barrios: Blood Drops. “I appreciate all my readers and will do my best to keep you entertained while feeding your imagination and intellect.”

9. Arron Patterson, Author of the thrilling WJA series SWEET DREAMS and DREAM ON. “If you want a copy go to my website:”

8. John Fitch V: The Obloeron Trilogy. “I write the books that make the whole world read. I write the books with jokes that helped you pee. I write the books that make publishers cry; I write the books, I write the books.”

7. Lisa Comstock: The BrimTier Chronicles: Life of a BrimTier Pirate, Times of a BrimTier Pirate, Sins of a BrimTier Pirate, Soul of a BrimTier Pirate. “I am an author with four books pubished! The BrimTier Chronicles series. I have been writing for fifteen years and have fifteen books written.”

6. Don Bruns: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. “I’m currently writing my 9th mystery novel. Two series and two books a year, but I still have time to play guitar and waste a lot of time.”  

5. Lisa Schilling: The Get Real Guide to Health and Fitness. “I discovered a purpose—to find out how to get back what I once had, in the new lifestyle I currently have. By helping myself, I knew I would be able to help others who have found themselves in similar positions. That is my passionate purpose for sharing my story.”  

4. Ronald Rosenthal: My Life as an Elton Fan. “Sometimes in life, you can make a choice that can stay with your for a short time – or for three decades.”    

3. Lauren E. Harvey: Unbreakable Hostage. “I am so much more than mere words, and yet words are my life.”  

2. Bradley Nickel: Repeat Offender. “I am now writing a book about an interesting investigation I was involved with for the past 3+ years.”    

1. Poppet Author: Darkroom. “I gave up my dream of writing until I became paralyzed by the Gullian Barre Virus. I was one of the lucky two percent that had only one side of their body paralyzed. One thing I could do slowly was sit at my computer and type.”      

In 2011, I hope to see some names return, along with new authors that make the list. As for 2010, this will be my last blog. I will see you again in 2011!

If you need ways to get noticed, check out the next blog, “Public Relations for Authors.”

I want to tell you something very important. This is going to be the best year of your life!

Ron Knight

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  1. Hey Ron, thanks for including me on this list. I’m honored to be among these fine folk!

  2. Thank you so very much for including me, Ron. 🙂

  3. Hey Ron,

    I just joined you on F/B so of course I didn’t make the list this time around. But I just wanted to commend you for taking the time to acknowledge other authors. Often times in pursuing our own careers/goals we overlook the accomplishments of others. The fact that you took the time to do so, speaks about your level of integrity & that’s sure to carry you along way!! Wishing you God’s continued blessings with all future writing endeavors and to all who did make the list, KUDO’S TO YOU 🙂

  4. Ron,

    Thank you very much for including me in your top 50 FB authors. What a honor to be among such great authors!


  5. Ron,
    #6? I am blown away. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff gets a great review this week in The National Examiner. So all you grocery shoppers…pick it up!
    Thanks, man.

  6. Ron

    I am thrilled to have caught your attention and kept it. I am greatly honoured to be on your list at all, but to be at the top is such a huge surprise (and I am utterly delighted). Thank you for your support, for making me feel welcome this year, and for giving me feedback on my websites and blogs. You are a gem and you help every author’s world be a brighter place. Thank you. x


  7. I didn’t even know there was a list. Thank you Mr. Ron Knight. I am truly honored and excited to make the Top 50 list and find out I was #4. I needed this. Yesterday my brother passed away, the day before that I got laid-off from my job. This lifted my spirits and as Bernie Taupin wrote – “I thank the Lord there’s people out there like you”.

  8. Ron,
    I am thrilled and honored to be on this list. Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf.

  9. Ron, thanks so much for your support and kindness. Very much an honor to be in such a fine group of folks. #2 out of over 7,000! Wow. I hope I am able to live up to those expectations. Very humbled, indeed. Merry Christmas and all my best to you and yours!

  10. Ron,

    Thanks for the mention, may your year be blessed.

  11. Debra Burroughs says:

    What a great list of authors! I just put my first book out, a memoir called CHICANA. What a great thing it would be for me to be on your top 50 list for 2011. I’ll be working on it!

  12. Wow. Thank you, Ron! I’m honored to be included on this list. =)


  13. Let me know when you do the Top 5,000 authors on Facebook list, as I feel my chances are slightly better than 50/50 to make that one! (Fingers crossed)

  14. Wow, I’m surprised to even be considered much less make the list. Thank you so much!

  15. Well I didn’t make your list but that’s okay. I’ve only been writing for a little over a year. Last year was a good one. I wrote 9 novels and published 7 of them thus far. I am presently writing my tenth book (untitled)and plan 5 or 6 in 2011. Perhaps by then I may make your list.

    The link below is to My book trailer for one of my books. Enjoy

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ron

    Gary D. Henry

  16. Glenn Kleier says:

    Ron, many thanks for the mention, I’m honored to be included. If I may toss my hat in the ring for next year, my new novel “The Knowledge of Good & Evil” will be released July 19, 2011. Here’s a link to the cover and a preview, if you feel so inclined:

    Wishing you all the best for the New Year!

    Glenn Kleier

  17. Ron I would appreciate it if you would take a look at my book, “Mirrors,Monuments and Memories”, published by Llumina Press, released May of ’10.

    I would appreciate your opinion of it.


  18. Michael Gilwood says:

    Hi there Ron.

    I would just like to say i am exasperated at seeing you mention me on your website. I am honoured, it is so kind of you. Heres hoping your Christmas was merry and snowy white. Thank you. Michael

  19. You forgot to mention me:)
    I am a new author on the scene and write science fiction, fantasy, historical romances.

    Shifter Evolutions Saga is my new release:)

  20. bnlippy ~ Becky Newell Lipscomb says:

    Wow!! I just discovered I made the list. How AWESOME!! Thanks a bunch!!
    (I just outgrew the puddling puppy stage.) 😉