Ron Knight Wins the “Sunshine Lily Badge!”


September 21st, 2012

Ron Knight wins the Sunshine Lily Badge for Best Blog, presented by Erin O’ Quinn!

Interview with Ron Knight

Erin: You inspire and motivate both adults and students in reading and writing. Why is that important to you? 

Knight: I struggled with reading and writing. In fact, I struggled in school. I thought because my grades were low, I could not become an author. I found a way to love reading and writing, then discovered that I could indeed become an author. I want to share that opportunity with others.

Erin: How are you different from most authors?

Knight: My main focus is the end result of a book; then I work backwards. I study readers of all ages and adjust my writing accordingly. I never write for myself.

Erin: You write books for children, tweens, teens, and adults. Which is your favorite?

Knight: My target audience has become those that do not like to read. If I can entertain them, I can entertain anyone.

Erin: What is one thing you tell students that teachers cringe when you say it?

Knight: Lol. Once in awhile I tell students, “If you are thirty pages into a book and do not like it, then stop reading and choose another. Your time is precious.” I really believe that is true, but some books are part of the curriculum, which the students have to read.

Erin: How do you connect to your readers? 

Knight: Every reader has what’s called an “Emotional Gatekeeper” that decides what books to read and which books they would enjoy. The only way to connect to a reader is by understanding their emotions.

Erin: What makes a great speaking presentation for students? 


First: Be upbeat, amusing, and get the students laughing, even if that means making fun of yourself.

Second: Control the room and not allow students to have sidebar conversations.

Third: Use a visual slide show with cool pictures.

Fourth: Teach, but do not let them know you are teaching.

Fifth: Talk about fiction books as if the stories are true.

Sixth: Keep the students involved with the presentation so they are always doing something.

Erin: What was the best compliment you have ever received?

Knight: Someone once told me, “I was going to give up writing, but after listening to you, I kept at it.”

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  1. Hey, Ron, I love the way you use your award to underscore your teaching passion and philosophy. Keep up the great work. ~Erin