Ron Knight Arrested!

Hello, I am Misty Thornes, reporter for UP Authors. Yesterday, author Ron Knight had been arrested for murdering characters in his novels. Apparently, he had been doing this for many years, but was finally caught after his novel 2-10 had been published. 

While in jail, I was permitted to interview Ron Knight…

MT: “In your latest novel, 2-10, how did you feel when murdering off a character?”

RK: “I actually feel bad for the other living characters. It’s them that have to deal with it. I just try to move on the best I can.”

MT: “Do you have any prior record of murdering characters?”

RK: “Yes, in previous novels.”

MT: “How many characters have you murdered?”

RK: “I lost count several years ago. I’ve written thirty-seven novels and killed at least fifty characters.”

MT: “Can you tell us about your most memorable murder of a character?”

RK: “It’s equally enjoyable for me to kill every character, but I’ve blocked out most of the murders and really try not to think about them.”

MT: “But these characters that die in your stories are real in the book. Don’t you care about them at all?”

RK: “I care about all my characters, but some of them have to go. That’s the risk they took for being in my novels.”

MT: “Did you ever worry about getting caught?”

RK: “I always hoped that the reader would blame the villains that did the actually killing in my novels. That worked for awhile, but the trail led beyond the pages and to me as the primary killer of characters.”

MT: “Does a part of you feel you are innocent?”

RK: “I like to think that I’m not the actual person doing the killing. I don’t pull the trigger, or use the knife, or hang my characters. So in a way, my hands aren’t dirty.”

MT: “Yes, but your fingers are dirty, because you are the one that orchestrated the murder of characters.”

RK: “I suppose that’s true.”

MT: “In your novel 2-10, the reader actually becomes a character. Are you coming after all your readers as well?”

RK: “Absolutely…”

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While Ron Knight is locked up in jail, check out his novel, 2-10. (Just be really careful.) 

You can also visit Ron Knight’s web site:

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