Rise UP Authors: You Are Next

Every Sunday I hope that you will join us here at UP Authors to strengthen your author spirit with an uplifting message. The publishing world associates authors with rejection and failure. “You will be rejected,” is a common phrase in most help blogs for authors. There even blogs that say most authors are in denial.

Ignore those disheartening messages and believe that you are next.

If someone asks you, “Of the books that you have written, what is your favorite?”

I want your answer to be, “The next book that I am writing.”

“What is the best book you have ever read?”

Your answer should be, “The next book that I am reading.”

“What marketing plan works the best for you?”

“The next marketing plan that I am working on.”

Always move forward and continue to think about what you are doing next. That is the key to an unshakeable author spirit. God wants you to look ahead and develop your talents, increase your happiness, gain, amplify, encourage, enhance, and improve.

Of course, you will have setbacks. That is God telling you to pick another direction. You may have been on the wrong path and need to decide on a new way of doing things. Keep praying for wisdom, because wisdom will lead you to a greatness that you were unable to imagine for yourself.

You have not lived your best day as an author yet. That is coming next.

You have not written your best sentence, your best paragraph, your best chapter, your best novel. That is coming next.

The publishing world will tell you to lower your expectations. Don’t listen to a world that associates rejection with manuscript. Raise your expectations. Dream bigger. Learn more. Research ideas. Write a book, then write another. Envision yourself autographing your name thousands of times a week.

Envision greatness.

God has given you a gift to become a successful author. Do not ignore the importance of that gift. It is not something that you can just say, “Well, it’s not working out.” Shrug off those negative emotions. To succeed, you have to use every resource, every tool, every bit of potential that God has given you.

Start working toward the next level. Continue to excel in all aspects of being an author. Dream a bigger dream. Do not dwell on how many times “no” has been said to you. Keep fighting until you get a “yes.” And then, race towards the next “yes.”

Do not settle for the cliché, “You can do anything if you try your best.” Instead, think bigger. “You can do anything if you are trying to do God’s best.”

Literary agents and publishers do not have the final say on whether or not you should be published. God has the final say.

Think about the imagination that God has given you. Think about how valuable you are to others. Think about how much enjoyment you will bring to readers. Think about all the success that is coming in the next days, weeks, and years.

Rejection in the eyes of the publishing world means “failure.” For God, rejection is direction. Be thankful for not heading down the wrong path. Rejection is not failure. It is a way to refocus. It is a reminder to pray for wisdom.

I say again, “Rejection is direction!”

You are in the palm of God’s hand. With that kind of protection, what harm could anyone do you?
Nothing the world does can change the plans that God has for you. Do not let anyone talk you out of being an author. Keep improving. Continue learning. Excel in everything that you do. Read that next book. Write that next great line. Finish your next novel. Search for that next great marketing tool. Be an example to children that have already begun to dream of becoming the next great author.

Today is a great day and tomorrow will be even better.

Job 12:10, “It is God that directs the lives of his creatures; everyone’s life is in His power.”

Rise UP authors! You are next!

Ron Knight 


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  1. Thank you for your encouraging words. God only knows how many of us needed this today.