Rise UP Authors: Use Words for Greatness

Think about how important your words are as an author. You have amazing influence over many lives. As you build a career in writing, there will come a point when you have influence over millions of lives!

Sure, you have to be responsible with your words, but keep in mind that everything you say and write will determine the path of your career. You cannot settle for your best. You must do God’s best as well. And to accomplish that, you must view your gift the same way as God views your gift, and rise well above the image you have of yourself.

I believe there are three types of words that an author can use for greatness:

~ Words the author SPEAKS.

~ Words the author POSTS in social media, blogs, and emails.

~ Words the author WRITES in books.

What an authors says in the morning, will determine the rest of their day. What an author says to others, will determine their image. What an author says in their books, will determine their future.

Are you blessed, or are you cursed?

Do you envision a wealthy future, or does your future look bleak?

Are you talented? Are you creative? Do you have a powerful imagination?

The words used to answer these questions can be used for your success, or failure.

Read and listen to these words from James 3:10. “With our tongue, we can either bless our life, or we can curse our life.”

The average person can be influenced by their words, but the words of an author can bless or curse their entire life. In fact, when I read authors posts in Facebook, Twitter, or in their blogs, I can determine their future.

Since your birth, God has plans for your words. By misusing our words, we are diminishing that trust that God has for us. We are destroying our gift. We are not doing our best and certainly not doing God’s best.

The simple act of speaking and writing words of faith will propel your career to another level.  Maybe you are not where you want to be as an author. Okay, then use your words as a roadmap of where you want to go!

Your novel may not be as polished as you think. In fact, you may have all the correct words, but they’re in the wrong place. Improve your writing, so you can improve your opportunities.

Every time you write something, pretend that everyone in the world can see your words. That includes each book you write. Think about millions of people reading your novel, so that you will be motivated to improve your words.

Psalm 139:16: “Everyday was recorded in your Book!”

Whether you are speaking to an audience, or writing posts and blogs, or writing your next novel, you are being recorded. What are you saying about yourself? What are you saying about others? What effort are you putting into your books?

Your words have the ability to change your life and the lives of others. Rise UP Authors…and use your words for greatness!

Ron Knight

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  1. Very inspirational article. I needed to be reminded. Thank you!