Rise UP Authors: Listen to the Right Voices

For authors, voices in the head seem much clearer. Your imagination can take you in a direction where the only voice you hear is the one reminding you of failures.

“You do not have enough talent to be an author.”

“Others are succeeding, but you will fail.”

“Spend more time with your family. Spend more time with your writing. Spend more time doing something else.”

“Traditional publishing doesn’t work. Self-publishing doesn’t work. Nothing works!”

“You tried, but now it is time to try something else.”

When you pray, listen to God’s voice. When you read the bible, listen to God. What does He have to say about your career? Did God give you that dream of being an author? Did God give you the talent to succeed? If so, then you need to start listening to the voice that matters.

According to the world, there are so many rules to being an author. Conversely, there are limited options for authors. In blogs, you read about how authors should keep their expectations low.

Do not listen to those voices. God wants you to keep your expectations high! There is a difference between the “world’s standards” and “God’s standards.”

When those accusing voices try to break your author spirit, answer with your own voice, “I am improving everyday. I’m not perfect, but not making excuses either. I want to do God’s best. If God is with me, then who can be against me?”

God knows everything about you. God is still working with you on that dream of becoming a successful author. You have the ability to make it through every obstacle and every humbling moment in your life. You have the ability to fight back those disapproving voices and listen to God’s pleasing voice.

Most authors will quit after negative voices take hold of their author spirit. You are not like most authors. You are unique. No one on this planet can write like you. God approves of you and is committed to making you even better.

Rise UP author…and let your writing voice take over.

Ron Knight 


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