Reason’s to Be An Author

I favor children authors. Their writing and ideas are untainted. Children do not care about literary agents, traditional publishing, vanity presses, or self-publishing. They write stories that entertain themselves and others.

Adult authors should learn from children. Keep your intentions pure and remember that your gift provides a service that could help thousands, if not millions of people.

Poor reasons to be an author:

  • To be popular.
  • To be accepted by others, especially those in the publishing world. (You have a gift. Not everyone in the world may realize that.)
  • To avoid work or supporting your family.
  • To be on the bestsellers list. (Thousands of books say, “Bestseller.” Honestly, it has become cliché.)
  • To compete against other authors. (Every author is your brother or sister in writing.)
  • To get revenge on someone. (Unless you are a Romance writer.) [Joking]
  • To feel like you are superior.
  • To be rich.

Excellent reasons to be an author:

  • To share you charisma, experiences, ideas, passion, and emotions.
  • To serve others.
  • To eventually earn enough money to have a career in doing what you love.
  • To satisfy your eager heart.
  • To use your God-given talent.
  • To grow spiritually and help others do the same.
  • To see your name on a book cover.
  • To see your name in the media. (There is a difference between popularity and being humble about your success.)
  • To allow yourself to escape from reality and help your audience do the same.
  • To provide entertainment.
  • To improve yourself and your readers.
  • To leave something behind for your family and friends.
  • To be an example to other authors, giving them hope that they can be just like you.

Your career as an author should always benefit others. Authors who put their audience first…are the most successful.

Ron Knight     Author of Untraditional Publishing

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