Reading Can Make You Poor or Wealthy

9 Minute Books BlogThere is one thing in common with lower-class, middle-class, and wealthy people…reading for fun is the reason they fall into a certain class.

Here is a historical and statistical fact: Lower-class families read for pleasure much less than middle-class, and middle-class read for pleasure less than wealthy families.

Here’s another fact: When one person doesn’t read for pleasure, it costs others money.

Consider this important research study: “The effects of low literacy costs the U.S. more than $225 billion each year in non-productivity in the workforce.” ~ ProLiteracy

There used to be a time when reading was actually entertaining and done without hesitation, which included teenagers. From 2005 till the present, this has dropped in dramatic fashion.

After high school, 50% of graduating students will never open a book again and 19% struggle with basic reading skills.

Not reading for fun spreads into several other problems such as…

~ No creativity.

~ No communication skills.

~ No unique ideas.

~ Decreased earning potential.

~ Not learning from those who are successful.

~ Limited reading comprehension.

~ Lack of critical thinking skills.

~ Unable to write with fluency.

~ Poor attitude toward secondary education or work.

~ Low self-esteem.

~ No advantages for career development, or promotion.

~ No time spent on relieving stress.

“The biggest single indicator of whether a child is going to thrive at school and in work is whether or not they read for pleasure.” ~ United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Here’s the result of not reading for pleasure: “14% of adults read below a fifth grade level. 29% of adults only read at an eighth grade level.” ~ ProLiteracy

Are libraries still important?

55% of people say that, “Closing a library would be a blow to the community.”

“52% of people that visit the library have a household income of over $75,000 and read on average 27 books a year.” ~ PEW Research

So yes, libraries are crucial to solving the problem.

Start with a simple solution…read for 9 minutes a day. Join the 9 Minute Reading Challenge and get others to join as well.


I’ll promote any author that joins.

The world can change for the better if we devote just 9 minutes a day to reading for fun…

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