Reader Avenue

MCS Reader AveLocated on Reader Avenue are 10 buildings with 10 floors in each building. Authors from all over the world come to Reader Avenue and promote their books at all 10 buildings and on as many floors of each building as possible.

You don’t want to be left out, so you hurry to Reader Avenue with bookmarks and flyers, anxious to start your marketing campaign. However when you arrive at Reader Avenue you notice that there are thousands of authors who write in all different kinds of genres and have different skill levels and they are flooding the streets and buildings.

All down Reader Avenue, authors are having social parties to attract readers from the buildings. Some authors are holding up signs with keywords that might catch the attention of a reader inside one of the buildings.

When you go inside the buildings, you notice different kinds of readers on each floor. In one building it’s full of teenagers, but on some floors the teens are well-educated and rich, while on other floors they are playing Xbox and using all of their money on energy drinks.

In another building you discover it’s full of different types of business readers. On one floor the readers buy economic books and on another floor they purchase money management books.

Suddenly, authors that had been holding social parties outside have entered the buildings, running from floor to floor, inviting readers to join them.

The readers in each building become frustrated. They don’t want to join every author’s social party. They are sick of walking outside and seeing the streets filled with authors of all different skill levels, writing styles, and genres. Some are non-fiction authors and some are fiction. Some are aggressive with their social parties, while some look like they want to curl up in a ball and hide.

This  becomes a colossal waste of your time, because you have no idea which building to find your readers and which floor your ideal readers will be located. You consider having a social party outside, which may catch some readers’ attention, or perhaps make a sign with keywords that relate to your stories, but then you’ll be grouped in with the thousands of other authors doing the same thing.

Okay, take a breath. Do you see where this is going? This story is about authors attempting social media to attract readers, holding signs with keywords to rise up on the Google search, and hunting down readers without a clue on where to find them.

This is the mess that you’re in right now. The industry is so clogged with thousands of different authors and readers that it’s difficult to find a solution.

I’m not saying that social media, blogging, or using keywords is wrong. I’m saying that if you use those things because everyone else is doing it, then you are not on a unique path. You have become traditional, rather than Untraditional.

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