Quick Marketing Tips

“An original writer is not one who imitates nobody, but one whom nobody can imitate.”

Francois-Rene, Vicomte de Chateaubriand  

What is the purpose for marketing books and authors?  

  • Know your customers.
  • Find those customers.
  • Reach the customers.
  • Tell customers about your book.
  • Convince the customer to purchase your book.
  • Be able to explain to literary agents and traditional publishers who will purchase your book.

 What are some general ways to market your book? Start by asking yourself this question: “What is the purpose of my book?” After answering that question, your path to the ideal market will be clear.

Here are some other tips:

  • A web page or web site, linked with other authors, businesses, or services, will bring you lots of traffic.
  • Send copies of your books to reviewers. Attach your bio.
  • Make a list of family, friends, business associates, clubs, and church membership. You will be surprised at how many people you know.
  • Online promotions, using the above list to you get you started.
  • Attend local events with other authors. Continue building your contact list.
  • If you can, blog like there is no tomorrow.
  • Write an article and submit to a magazine or newspaper.
  • At events, have customers sign up for a free drawing. They can simply put their email information. Continue growing your contact list. (Oh, make sure you give away the prize from the drawing!)
  • Set up as many interviews with local media as you can.
  • Hire a PR company/person to help you. (Be careful doing this. Please research and ask for references.) If you need assistance, contact me.
  • Bookmarks are the easiest way to promote your book.
  • Schedule a speaking engagement with a school. Leave behind information on how to order your book, but do not nag.
  • Put up a table at school events and have a game the children can play and win prizes. Have drawings where parents fill in their email address.
  • Attend networking meetings for authors and businesses.
  • Attend writing conferences. Get to know the literary agents and traditional publishers, along with other authors. Take lots of notes and save all those contacts.
  • Libraries: donate books, do talks, leave behind bookmarks.
  • Sell T-shirts with your book.
  • Sell posters that go along with your book.
  • At events, give away anything that is the same color as your book cover. For example: pencils, key chains, stickers, etc…
  • Sell anything that is the same color or theme of your book: Candles, shirts, hats, gift baskets, water bottles, Frisbees, calendars, book bags.
  • Write testimonials for other authors. Include your name and the book title you want to promote. Everywhere that authors book is sold you will be seen.
  • Send book clubs information.
  • Speak at church groups.
  • Send a press release to local newspapers and radio stations. Keep it simple and professional.
  • Have a dinner party. Or two.
  • Create a “Book Trailer” and post it on the Internet and your web page.
  • When you receive junk mail with a “No postage required” return envelope, send it back with one of your bookmarks inside. (If anything, you will amuse yourself.)
  • Anytime you mail something, stick a bookmark inside. If your electric company does not like it, tell them to stop sending you bills.
  • When you send out your Christmas cards, stick a bookmark inside.
  • Any holiday, send out cards along with your bookmark.
  • Have bookmarks with you at all times. You never know whom you will see in the grocery store.
  • On your email, setup the “signature” so it automatically shows the title of your book and where to purchase it.
  • Ask some of your friends who own businesses, if you can leave a stack of bookmarks on their front counter. If you have posters, they may let you hang one up in the window. 
  • Put other authors on your web site and you are theirs.
  • Ask one of the local students who are aspiring to be a journalist to interview you. Post that interview on your web site and send it to local newspapers and magazines. At the very least, have the student turn it into their school paper.
  • If a solicitor comes to your door, hand them a bookmark.
  • Pay a few students $20 bucks to hand out bookmarks at the beach.
  • Call the local Yankee Candle representative and ask if you can join them at their next party to sell your books, or at least give out information. (Tip the sales rep for their trouble or give them a free book.)
  • According to a Publishers Weekly Poll, the book jacket and plot summary was the biggest determinate whether a book was sold or not. Make sure you have a simple, yet marketable book cover. 
  • Word of mouth is the best marketing tool. 
  • Write a book for someone else, like a charity organization, church, or school. By serving others, the success of your books will follow.

Remember that you cannot force anyone to purchase your book. Your goal is to be excited, help others with your skills, talk about your book, build up a massive contact list, create a following, and the sales will come naturally.

It is a simple equation: The more people who know you have a book, the more chances you have to sell it.

Ron Knight

Author of “2-10”

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  1. Ron,

    Great blog! Just to reemphasize the note about “book trailers,” they are a great tool in our digital age. The time is coming when most books will be read on tablets and e-readers and video is the perfect medium to advertise with on those devices! Let me know if you need any video work done.

    Jeff Baird
    President – Volume Enterprises

  2. Great list of tips, Ron! I just discovered your site through your guest blog on Our Little Books (also a terrific article!).
    You have given me much to think about… I will be back! Thanks for the creative ideas.