Published Books, Marketing, Royalties!

graffiti-2468336_960_720How about we break down everything you need as an author? Most authors want three things:

  • Published Book(s)
  • Royalties
  • Marketing Plan to Sell More Books

Okay. Read on!

Published Book(s)

You are self-published. No problem. You have a product and you want to sell that product to a mass audience.

Reading on!


You’re not selling books. It’s not quite your fault. Here are the reasons:

  • Only 2 out of 10 people are reading on a regular basis right now.
  • Of those, less than half are reading eBooks. (They rather have a printed book.)
  • You can’t reach your target audience on a large scale.

There’s a solution coming. Hang in there.

Marketing Plan and Selling More Books

Most authors don’t want to focus on marketing. Authors want to write books.

Heck, most authors don’t want to publish their own book, but have no choice!


  • You need at least one smaller book that carries a high impact of entertainment. (8,600-10,000 words.)
  • You need someone to publish this book for you.
  • The publishing house must have a marketing plan for those who aren’t reading on a regular basis.
  • Your new book will be sold by the publisher, giving you royalties. (Of course if you help, the royalties will be higher!)
  • The book will also drive traffic to your other book(s)!

What do you have now?

  • Published Book(s)
  • Royalties
  • Marketing Plan to Sell More Books

Who will do this for you?

A new company that we are excited to partner with: 9 Minute Books

They are EXACTLY the answer to combining royalties and marketing, selling more books than you ever have!

Of course there’s drawbacks to a new publisher, but think about the possibilities. Do you want to be in the front of the line and grow with them? Or do you want to be their 100th author next year?

You can decide. Check out the submissions page at 9 Minute Books.


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