Pricing Your eBook

You have two books in your hands. In your right hand is a book from James Patterson that costs $9.99. In your left hand is a book from Jon Truss that costs $0.99. You know James Patterson, but you do not know Jon Truss. However, both books sound pretty interesting. Which do you choose?

This is what’s happening with eBooks. The result is that most readers these days are taking a chance on the $0.99 book, which is a huge advantage for up and coming authors. In fact, since large publishing houses are charging so much for eBooks, it is opening the door for all authors to make a living.

There are many small traditional publishing houses, self-published authors, and Untradtional Published authors selling 1,000 eBooks a month. Heck, there are plenty of independent authors selling over 5,000 eBooks a month! Those may not be James Patterson numbers, but still, most authors would take that in a heartbeat.

eBook Pricing

I believe that authors building a platform should have this pricing model, based on five published eBooks:

1 eBook: FREE (Make sure to have links to your other eBooks that cost money.)

2 eBooks: $0.99

2 eBooks: $2.99

My logic is simple. Get the readers hooked on your books with free and low pricing, (And Marketing) so they will purchase more of your books. I know that most authors will never give away their books for free. The reason is simple…no confidence.

Think about it. If you really have confidence in your books, you would know that most people that read your stories will come back for your other books, which will build your audience in a fraction of the time.

But aren’t you losing money by giving away some of your books for free? The answer is…NO. You are building an audience.


If 1,000 potential readers found your five eBooks on Amazon, how many would look at your books for free? How many would take a chance for $0.99 cents? How many would pay $2.99? How many would pay $4.99 or higher?

Let me ask you this. If a literary agent saw that you had 10,000 free downloads on a book, would they take a peek?

If a large publishing house saw that you sold 23 books for $4.99, would they be impressed?

Amazon eBook Royalty Percentage

If you charge $2.99 or above at Amazon, you receive a 70% royalty, which gives you $2.09 per sale. If you charge $2.98 or below, you receive a 35% royalty, which gives you $1.04 per sale. So if you charge $0.99, then would receive about $0.35 per sale.

What is the best price for your eBook?

Use this chart to help price your books, based on how many you have published:

1 published eBook: FREE

2 published eBooks: FREE, $0.99

3 published eBooks: FREE, $0.99, $2.99

4 published eBooks: FREE, $0.99, $0.99, $2.99

5 published eBooks: FREE, $0.99, $0.99, $2.99, $2.99

6 published eBooks: FREE, $0.99, $0.99, $2.99, $2.99, $2.99

7 published eBooks: FREE, $0.99, $0.99, $2.99, $2.99, $2.99, $2.99

And so on…

This kind of pricing will have two benefits:

~ Build a fan base by getting them hooked on your free and low priced novels.

~ Earn money.

Remember this…readers are not buying $0.99 eBooks for the heck of it. They are buying books that they feel will be entertaining. How can you prove your books will be entertaining? Give them a free sample…

Ron Knight

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