Patience vs Confidence

When an experienced author is asked to give advice, usually the first thing they say is, “Every author needs patience.” Although I believe patience is extremely important, I sometimes feel that authors should switch to “Confidence Mode.” Here’s why… 

~ Patience can certainly give you the endurance to last many years without success, but confidence is the belief that you will indeed become successful

~ Patient authors can suffer for many years of rejection. Confident authors will put themselves into a position to prosper, limiting the chances of rejection. 

~ Patient authors will understand the long odds. Confident authors will overcome those long odds. 

~ Patient authors value their gift. Confident authors place value on every minute of the day. 

~ Patient authors do not become discouraged with lack of book sales. Confident authors create opportunities

~ Patient authors look back over the last five years on what they have accomplished. Confident authors look ahead to the next five years on they need to accomplish. 

~ Patient authors believe their big break will come one day. Confident authors create their own big breaks. 

~ Patient authors learn. Confident authors share what they have learned. 

~ Patient authors believe that someday they will have ten million fans. Confident authors build ten million fans. 

~ Patient authors are dependant. Confident authors are independent

~ Patient authors know that there will be obstacles. Confident authors overcome obstacles. 

~ Patient authors try not to be tough on themselves. Confident authors are extremely tough on themselves. 

~ Patient authors enjoy when others become interested in them. Confident authors show interest in others. 

~ Patient authors believe that someday, someone will notice them. Confident authors become known to others. 

~ Patient authors write from the heart. Confident authors write for the reader’s heart. 

~ Patient authors have many ideas to use. Confident authors use their ideas now, rather than later. 

~ Patient authors seek the greatness of literary agents and publishers. Confident authors give literary agents and publisher’s greatness. 

~ Patient authors enjoy reading a good book. Confident authors measure their success by how many books they read

~ Patient authors understand their needs. Confident authors understand the needs of their readers

~ Patient authors believe that someday, the money will come in. Confident authors create ways to earn money now. 

~ Patient authors can only write so many books in their lifetime. Confident authors will not take one unwritten book with them to the grave. 

And finally… 

Patient authors think about tomorrow. Confident authors think about today. 

Ron Knight 

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Ron Knight

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