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MCS25The word new can be scary to most people when it comes to doing things a different way. If I told you that there’s new way to market your books that no one else in the world is doing right now, then you may believe the idea is raw, untested, unproven.

However, if I told you that the new marketing plan has been used since the 90’s for producers, directors, and screenwriters, while musicians and concert promoters are beginning to use this as well and now authors are using it, then you may think it’s innovative, fresh, and creative.

So why hasn’t this new idea been used in the twenty years of its existence for authors?

~ The idea needed the right combination of a talent agent, literary agent, author, marketing group, PhD and MBA that are experts in finance, statistics, and analytical methods, along with a team of techs that have different backgrounds and talents to develop the idea into a time saving, low cost marketing campaign that has a better chance to work than any other plan being used today.

~ It had to work in a way that if every author on the planet used this plan, it’s custom made so that the individual author can succeed. So if James Patterson used the plan, he wouldn’t have an advantage over an author that just released their second book.

~ Since the idea is connected to the film industry, it should give every author a chance at having their book adapted to a movie or television series.

~ Finally, it had to be something that would be an extension of the author so that they would genially care about working with the plan.

Do authors really need this new marketing plan?

As an author you do need this plan because you aren’t selling as many books as you would like to sell.

Nevertheless, you don’t know that you need this marketing plan because you never seen it, or heard of it, because it hasn’t been available to you or any other author. This plan had been strictly used in the film industry.

Who will be using this new plan in the next few years?

Along with producers, directors, screenwriters, musicians, concert promoters, and authors, the list will grow to actors, talent agents, literary agents, publishers, and businesses with new products to launch.

What is so special about this new marketing plan?

~ It gives authors the power to increase the size of their audience without guessing on where to locate that audience.

~ It gives authors a better chance to succeed than any other marketing plan that exists today. In fact, social media will become just a place for you to hang out rather than your primary marketing plan.

~ The author won’t have to depend on others for success.

~ The author will know where to find readers, how to approach them, and what to say that will gain their attention.

~ It’ a chance to have fun being an author while marketing, instead of looking at marketing as a chore.

~ The author can do things the correct way, rather doing things like everyone else. It’s a chance to be different, which will give the author an edge.

How does this new idea work? Can you break it down for me?

~ Directors, producers, and film studios collect marketing analysis, statistics, and analytical methods based on the characters and storylines in the screenplay.

~ The data is inserted into a program that studies the latest markets and creates a list of the most viable cities around the world to promote and launch their new movie.

~ If the film studio markets in the wrong area, the movie will fail and millions of dollars will be lost. This is why the data that’s collected is absolutely critical to the success of the movie.

~ Musicians and concert promoters started using the data based on the comments left by fans on social media and created a list of the most viable cities to tour.

~ Since the data is based on a specific audience, along with characters and storylines, it makes sense that the data can be used to locate the ideal readers of a particular author.

~ The next step was to expand the list so that it includes viable cities to market, along with lists of book clubs, bookstores, retails stores, media outlets, libraries, and even hangout locations of certain readers.

~ The list can also include the best possible literary agents and publishers for a certain author, along with specific marketing information that the author can use in a query letter.

~ The author will have a better chance at film adaptation since the data collected is also used by the film industry.

~ A marketing plan with guidelines is provided so that the author knows exactly how to benefit from the data collected.

~ The plan fits a marketing budget of $400 a year and can be adjusted as the author grows in success.

What data can be obtained over the next year that will benefit authors?

~ 60 cities that have the largest population of your target readers.

~ Thousands of ideal bookstores that have the best chance to sell your books.

~ 60 book clubs that are loaded with your target readers, along with the contact information in each club.

~ 60 literary agents that fit your needs.

~ 60 traditional publishers that are perfect for your style of writing.

~ 60 schools that have the largest percentage of your ideal readers.

~ Student geographic information in areas of at least 50 cities.

~ 60 libraries in your targeted cities.

~ 60 places on where your target readers spend the most time.

~ 60 media outlets located in your ideal cities.

~ Book Kits and postcards which you can send to all of these places.

~ 12 chances to submit your book for film or television adaptation.

~ Lists of regions around the world that have the largest percentage of your target readers.

~ A monthly information sheet on film adaptation, marketing, branding, and other valuable tips.

NOTE: Remember that every penny you spend in marketing is a tax write off. Save your receipts and keep track of everything you’re doing.

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