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As an author you have heard this a thousand times, “Figure out your target audience and market to them.” Authors are told to run their career like a business and treat their book like a product. Well, authors are not thinking about business, they are focused on writing. Furthermore, authors should treat their books as something creative, rather than a product that is boxed and sold.

Monte Carlo Solutions, (MCS) a Los Angeles agency that represents producers, directors’, agents, actors, screen writers, concert promoters, and musicians are now expanding their company to assist authors. Their goal is to bridge the gap between corporate thinking and creativity.

Producers bring screenplays to MCS so they can evaluate possible markets and decide where their movies will have the most success around the globe.

How does this benefit authors?

MCS will tell you the best place in the world where you will have the opportunity to sell books, but will do this in a unique way.

Their team includes PhD’s and MBA’s who are experts in finance, statistics, and analytical methods. These same people consult L.A. talent agencies, movie studios, and Fortune 500 companies.

What is the process?

Most marketing “experts” will tell you to describe your target audience. However, that is not how things are done in the movie business. The screenplays are evaluated based on CHARACTERS and STORYLINES. MCS studies the specifics of the main character and how he/she relates to other characters in the story. This is the secret to how movie production companies have been able to predict where on the planet they would have the best opportunity for success.

As an author that is what you are looking for…best opportunity for success. If you are creating a marketing plan based on the genre of your book, then your chance of success is slim. If you are creating a marketing plan based on the details of your characters and storylines, then you have the best chance to locate the region that you will have the most potential readers.

Why haven’t you heard of this yet?

Because this kind of marketing research did not exist for authors. It has been used for the movie business and recently expanded to the music industry. Now, MCS can use the same concept for books.

Be warned, there are several pages of questions that need to be answered about your characters and story, but the questionnaire is sort of like doing an extended interview. When you receive the results you will know where to market your books around the world and even given advice on how to market in those regions.

The book analysis report will be divided into four parts:

~ Character Development

~ Story Development

~ Marketing Advice

~ Summary

The questionnaire and report will be sent to you via email. However, MCS is 75% of the way completed with their automated process in which the questionnaire and report can be done online. This was originally suggested by directors and producers so that more screenplays could be evaluated in a shorter period of time. Now, it is being adapted to the book evaluation report as well and is something that MCS has been working on for a year.

Is this marketing information for self-published authors, or traditionally published authors?

If you are publishing your own books, then of course you want accurate regions on where your potential readers can be obtained. This saves you time and money.

If you’re seeking an agent or publisher, then the information will go into your query letter. Just imagine that while other authors are discussing their target market based on age, gender, and income levels, you will be detailing your target audience based on your characters and storylines.

Do you feel like your marketing is getting you nowhere?

If you aren’t bringing in book sales, then you are marketing to the wrong areas. It’s possible that you’re trying to sell in an area with 500 potential readers when you could be selling in an area with 500,000 potential readers.

Will all of them by your book? Probably not. But if 20% of targeted readers will purchase your book, then would you want 20% of 500, or 20% of 500,000?

Results of my test run.

Before writing this press release I asked MCS to analyze my teen book series, Middle Room. I went through the process of filling out the questionnaire and allowing MCS to do a full report.

The results were astonishing.

Although I had some success in sales of Middle Room, the book analysis report showed me that I could be doing much, much better. The report gave details why Middle Room failed in certain markets and why I should change my strategy.

This is going to be a game changer for authors and become a way to level the playing field. Contact Monte Carlo Solutions at and discover the best region to be selling your books.

Ron Knight

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