New Kind of Publisher for Young Readers

Welcome to UP-Teen Publishing! We are different from any other publisher in the world and more advanced in several areas. I think if you meet some of our staff, you will see why UP-Teen Publishing is so unique. 

Submissions Manager: Jessica Filman, Junior at Millington High School. 

Submission Review Team: Children’s Books 

Devin (3rd Grade)

Rashel (3rd Grade)

Jesscia (4th Grade)

Dylan, Group Leader (5th Grade) 

Submission Review Team: Tween Books 

Christopher (5th Grade)

Kayla (6th Grade)

Aiden (7th Grade)

Morgan, Group Leader (8th Grade) 

Submission Review Team: Teen Books 

Hailey (9th Grade)

Lauren (10th Grade)

Joshua (11th Grade)

Brooke, Group Leader (12th Grade) 

Marketing & Event Manager: Justin Ellery, Sophomore at Barten High School 

Marketing & Event Team: Children’s Books 

Emma (3rd Grade)

Logan(4th Grade)

Alexa, Group Leader (5th Grade) 

Marketing & Event Team: Tween Books 

Lily (6th Grade)

Jayden (7th Grade)

Robby, Group Leader (8th Grade) 

Marketing & Event Team: Teen Books 

Elijah (9th Grade)

Daniel (10th Grade)

Madison(11th Grade)

Taylor, Group Leader (12th Grade) 

Sales Team Manager: Sydney Fode, Freshman at Rose Water High School 

Sales Team 

Jose (3rd Grade)

Anna (4th Grade)

Jennifer (5th Grade)

Michael (6th Grade)

Herrick (7th Grade)

Vicky (8th Grade)

Nicholas (9th Grade)

Caleb (10th Grade)

Tyler(11th Grade)

Ashley, Team Leader (12th Grade) 

Other Positions at UP-Teen Publishing 

Cover Design Assistant: Isaac (7th Grade)

Editing Assistant: Kalli (11th Grade)

Office Assistant: Isabelle (9th Grade) 

Overview of UP-Teen Publishing 

As CEO of UP-Teen Publishing, it is my job to get out of the way and let the staff do their job. I trust their judgment in all areas of the company, whether that is book submissions, marketing, or sales. 

The staff at UP-Teen Publishing has advanced knowledge in children, tween, and teen books. In short, they fully understand the kind of books our readers are looking for. They have the ability to reach our young target audience and can relate to all their needs. 

In the near future, we will be training literary agents that are in elementary school, middle school, and high school. These agents will represent authors and coach them on the best ways to write, market, and sell books. 

Thank you for visiting the UP-Teen Publishing Blog. We will see you soon… 

Ron Knight  

Ron Knight

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