Millions of These Readers

Coffee House ReadingThink about what kind of person would want to read a variety of books. There are millions out there, anxious to fill their bookshelves. They can even write-off the purchase of books as an expense.

These people purchase more books than anyone else. They have books by their bedside, in their car, on their phone, and stuffed in purses and backpacks. They love bookstores and are always on the lookout for a new book.

Who are they?

Authors. (Or writing hobbyists.)

This is an untapped market that you probably haven’t focused any promotional campaigns, or Facebook posts to attract, despite authors being the number one lover of books.

With casual readers at an all-time low, authors are your saving grace.

Market to Authors: Examples (You can copy any. I don’t mind.)

When was the last time your Facebook post was directed at the author market? No matter what you write about, your book has value to authors. You just need to explain it in a simple, yet powerful way.

Examples One: Authors have Egos

“AUTHORS: After you read my book, please let me know how I can improve. I really value your expertise!”

Example Two: Authors are Curious

“Hey fellow authors. Did you ever wonder what is similar about our characters and what is completely different? What about our writing styles? What similarities do we have? Visit (link) to view my books.”

Example Three: Authors Stick Together

“With less and less readers each year, it’s time for authors to save the day! Here’s the link to my book. (Link) Please post your link in the comment section. I’ll do my best to purchase your books if you do your best to purchase mine!”

Example Four: Exchange Your Target Reader for Target Authors

There’s probably a specific reader that you focus your marketing. You can do the same marketing, just tweak your message so it focuses on authors.

If you write romance, instead of saying, “Women find this book sexy!” Say, “Authors find this book sexy!”

If you write thrillers, instead of saying, “If you’re looking for a fast-paced thriller, check out this book!” Say, “If you’re an author looking for a fast-paced thriller, check out this book!”

If you write teen fiction, instead of saying, “Your high school will never look the same after reading this story!” Say, “Authors will never feel the same after reading this story!”

Take a close look at your posts, blogs, and other marketing, then consider the author market as a primary source for your books.

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