Manager – What does that mean?

A few days ago Ron Knight wrote about how helpful it was to have a manager. After getting some really great feedback and questions I thought it would be useful for all of you if I wrote a little bit about what my objective is with a client.

First of all I consider myself a brand manager. This means my goal is to create and build your brand. I have several types of clients, from businesses to professional anglers to authors. Each client is unique.

I don’t . . .

Let’s be clear first about what I don’t do. I don’t go around and find you a publisher. That is your literary agents job.

I do . . .

I do promote and market you and your book. My efforts can help you land a publisher based on the fan base and buzz we create.

Below are just a few things I help my author clients with:

  • Read manuscripts and comment on them
  • Develop a marketing look and feel for each book
  • Build a social media fan base
  • Create professional quality flyer’s, postcards, websites and other promotional materials
  • Move projects along in a timely manner
  • Aide in writing query letters
  • Write and distribute press releases
  • Monitor Internet buzz
  • Create opportunities for visibility
  • Motivate


The most important thing for me is to keep my authors motivated. I have met with so many frustrated authors. They were not discouraged with their writing, but aggravated with the system.

Self-published books are printed and even put out for mass distribution with sites like Amazon.  But then what happens? I am sure many of you have figured out by now that not to much happens after that.

Literary agents and traditional publishers can be difficult, but just remember they are running a business. If I can help authors with their writing, marketing, and audience, those agents and publishers will want to sign them.

For Ron Knight, I was able to open his eyes to the opportunities of networking and create an ongoing communication to build an audience. With Ron’s skill’s as an author and our marketing campaign, it is easy to keep him motivated. That is part of the idea behind UP Authors. To allow for ongoing communication and support from those in the publishing industry.

Keep it moving . . .

The second most important thing is the ability to keep projects moving along. As with anyone that has run their own business, you become your own boss. While this is great in some aspects, one of the challenges in this environment is that there is no one to answer to. If you have a manager however, you have someone that holds you accountable for meeting your goals and deadlines.

Interested in having a manager? That’s great! Just realize that does not mean everything will come easy after you hire one. Ask Ron Knight. I bet he will say that he spends more time now than he did before promoting himself. The difference is that he is using his time in a more effective manner and seeing results.

If an author is gifted and willing to put in the time to market, I can help take them to the next level.

Feel free to comment on this post or email me with questions, I will email you back.

Melissa Powley

Melissa Powley, President of Savvy Cats Branding, specializes in brand creation and management. She has worked with authors, anglers, professional service firms, commercial businesses, international products, and non-profits.

Melissa Powley