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Kiana LookingYou wrote a book. Maybe you wrote several books. You printed one or two, uploaded some on Amazon, created eBooks, handed out bookmarks, started a Facebook fan page, joined three or four social media sites, invested in a website, networked with others in the publishing industry, followed blogs, sent in submissions to literary agents and publishers, had your books reviewed, created a book trailer, did interviews, speaking engagements, accepted every friend request thinking that everyone is a potential reader of your stories, you submitted your work to writing contests, you read every book on becoming the next great author and how to market your books, spent time at the library and bookstore studying other authors, you are working on your next book, and you read other books in your genre every day.

There’s just one major problem…you aren’t making any money. Or, you aren’t making enough money to pay the bills.

I want to refer back to the very first blog I wrote. It was the key to an author’s success:

~ Excel at Reading

~ Excel at Writing

~ Excel at Marketing

~ Excel at Publishing

You are excelling at three things: Reading, Writing, Publishing.

The reason you aren’t making money isn’t because you lack talent, or even the resources to succeed. You just aren’t reaching enough target readers to earn the kind of money that will give you the freedom to hire a marketing team so you can spend your time reading and writing.

Let me ask you an important question. What’s the best thing that can happen to you? The answer is that people in your target audience have a chance to read your books, because if that happened, then they would love your books and buy more!

So what’s the problem? I’ll give you something to consider.

You walk into a ten-story building that holds a community of readers that feel will purchase your books. On every floor are a different number of potential loyal readers. Here is an example:

1st Floor: 2 readers

2nd Floor: 26 readers

3rd Floor: 7 readers

4th Floor: 534 readers

5th Floor: 82 readers

6th Floor: 904,381 readers

7th Floor: 643 readers

8th Floor: 12 readers

9th Floor: 1,759,216 readers

10th Floor: 2,792 readers

The problem with most authors is they start on the 1st floor and work their way up. Also, the author is on that 1st floor several years before moving to the next floor, then spending a couple of years there, and then wonders if they are ever going to make it as author.

Does this sound familiar? Possibly the floors that you’re spending time on have less than 10 target readers. What you need is to take an elevator to the 9th floor with over a million readers that will be interested in your books. After that, jog down the steps to the 6th floor with over 900,000 readers in your targeted community.

I can relate to what you’re going through, because I did the same thing. While writing this blog I had flashbacks to years of poor book sales, then a decent year, followed by another slow year. So I understand the frustrations.

Here’s how I solved the problem of locating the cities with my best chance to sell books. I gained the services of MCS, which is a talent representation agency in Los Angeles that locates the best regions in the world for producers and directors to launch a film.

I then asked if they could do the same process with my books as do with their film research, but for a very low fee.

Understand that MCS studies characters and storylines in screenplays, which made it easy for them to adjust and study the same things in my books.

They located the best cities in the United States for me to market my books, along with the top three countries in the world.

An added bonus is that if they feel any of my books would make a great movie or television series, they will refer the book to a producer or director that works in the same genre.

Email MCS and stop guessing about the location of your readers. The investment is small, but the reward is huge.

Ron Knight

Contact: Monte Carlo Solutions (MCS)

Email: info@montecarlosolutions.com

Location: Los Angeles, California

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