Literary Agents Accepting Submissions

MCS BLOG 7Do you need a literary agent? Here are a few that I really like. Also, I included some advice from each agent to use for future reference.

Bradford Literary Agency


Fiction: Romance (historical, romantic suspense, paranormal, category, contemporary, erotic), urban fantasy, women’s fiction, mystery, thrillers, children’s,  and young adult.

Non fiction: Business, relationships, biography/memoir, self-help, parenting, narrative humor.

Advice: Write a query letter that “hooks” the reader (Source: Bradford Literary Agency)

~ Do your research. Make sure you address your query to a specific agent who specializes in your type of writing.

~ Tell the agent how you heard about them.

~ Identify the genre or category your proposed book fit into and mention which publisher or line you are targeting, if applicable.

~ Include the manuscript word count.

~ Tell the agent a little bit about yourself. Mention any published works or awards you may have.

~ Briefly describe the plot of your manuscript in a way that is clear and compelling. This summary can and should reflect your style and voice.

~ Don’t forget to include your contact information, including email address and phone number.

~ Make sure you always include a self-addressed stamped envelope with any mailed query.

~ Your query should be highly polished (no typos or grammatical errors), original and brief. A one-page query is preferable.

Three Seas Literary Agency

Summary: We represent more than 50 authors who write romance, women’s fiction, science fiction/fantasy, thrillers, young adult and middle grade fiction as well as select nonfiction titles.

Advice: Write a Catchy Query Letter (Source: Three Seas Literary Agency)

~ Be original!

~ Tell the agent how you heard about them.

~ Research. Make sure to address your query to a specific agent who specializes in your type of writing.

~ Briefly describe the plot of your manuscript.

~ Make sure to include the number of words in your manuscript.

~ Also include the type of manuscript and the publisher and line you are targeting, if applicable.

~ Bios get your foot in the door. Mention any published works you may have.

~ Describe any expertise you have on the subject you’re writing about.

~ Be brief. A one-page query letter is best.

Andrea Brown Literary Agency

Summary: The Andrea Brown Agency ONLY accepts email submissions and ONLY accepts children’s literature submissions (picture books through young adult).

Advice: The Five P’s of Publishing Process (Source: Andrea Brown Literary Agency)

~ “Passion.” You need the passion to write—whatever it is—and it gets you up at six am before work or keeps you up late into the evening.

~ “Product.” You have to write something worth selling.

~ “Patience.” You need lots of it in this business. It may take years to get your work published.

~ “Persistence.” Please, don’t give up after several rejections. We have seen many talented writers never get published because they gave up after five or six rejections.

~ “Promotion.” If you are lucky enough to get a publisher to buy your work, you must plan to spend time and money to promote your book and let the world know it is out there.

I’ll try to get some more literary agents in the near future!

Ron Knight

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