Lisa Schilling

Here is some inspiration from Lisa Schilling that I think you will enjoy. Lisa caught my attention about eight months ago. She is one of the hardest working authors around, doing all the right things for promotion. Lisa’s publicist is Lynnelle Mays.

Each day is like a work of art, our every action & choice become like the stroke of a brush. What we see & think about the day is filtered through the perspective from which we view it. This becomes our perception of it. To change your perception, you need only change your perspective.

Most people want to lose weight or improve their health fast so they can return to their old, comfortable patterns faster. This is one of the main reasons yo-yo dieters often fail and end up gaining more weight. It is the desire to eventually return to those comfortable patterns.

People want what they want now—not later. They want to “have it now and pay later,” but good health and weight loss are “pay first and get it later” deals. Not to mention that you must keep paying to maintain them.

The fact that I have a great deal of knowledge about fitness & nutrition does not guarantee that I will do what I know works. It is still, and always will be, a choice. “Do what is comfortable & have a less than desirable outcome” or “Do what I know works & have the outcome I desire.” You face this choice too.

You can be thin & unhappy. Many famous people have perfect bodies, lots of money, fame, & everything this world says they need to be happy, yet they are still unhappy. Many of them turn to drugs & alcohol just to cope w/daily life. So be sure not to put the goal of weight loss on a pedestal. It is like anything else—just one piece in the bigger puzzle.

Many people deal with the weed of unhealthy habits because they never deal with the root of the problem. The root is your subconscious programming. The only way to effectively reprogram what has taken years to establish is one thought at a time.

An attitude of gratitude can create happiness, making you feel full & complete. Research has shown that positive emotions, like gratitude & love, can enhance & strengthen the immune system, which helps the body to resist disease & recover from illness more quickly.

Realize that you don’t have to do all the right things all the time in order to improve your health! Small meaningful changes, practiced over time, will create a revolution in your circumstances. This is a radical thought shift from traditional teaching.

You need to decide what you want to achieve through adopting a healthier lifestyle. This is very important & will determine your approach in achieving your goals. You can’t hit your target if you do not know what you are aiming at or why you are aiming at it.

When you start with small, manageable changes, you are more likely to stick with them & build on that success. Starting small also creates an easier transition into a permanent lifestyle change. It allows you to enjoy the journey & appreciate the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Stressors are everywhere. In the “pursuit of happiness,” Americans push the envelope, forgetting how to just be. After all, we are human beings, not human doings. Slow down & enjoy the beauty of the moment…the world will still keep turning!

Often people feel guilt when they take a break and are not actively doing something. It is time to get over it! Now is the time to accept that it is perfectly okay and healthy to just relax in the sun or quietly read a book for a few minutes. Now is the time for finding a healthy relaxation routine.

Activity does not have to feel like an obligation. This is your life—being healthy should not seem like work. If it does, then try something different! By doing this, you can learn to feel good, mentally and physically, everyday of your life.

We move according to inborn preferences and personality. Because of this, the best exercise combines consistency with something you love to do. Get in touch with your own personal fitness instinct.

Improving your cardiopulmonary fitness allows the body to function more efficiently and reduces your risk of age-related disease—the dreaded“My ‘parts’ are wearing out!” syndrome.

It has been said, “People do not die so much as they gradually kill themselves.” Age comes not only from years, but from neglect. Perhaps bodies do not “wear out” from overwork as much as they “rust out” from inactivity. Find an activity you love to do…& get to doing it!

Fitness is a state of being, not a matter of age. The determining factor is not how many years you have lived, but how you have lived during your years. This is what will have a greater influence on your level of fitness and general wellness.

Significant weight loss and eventual maintenance is difficult. A wise man once said, “A man will make time for what a man wants to make time for.” And he was right! If weight loss is something you really want, you will make time for it in your lifestyle.

When you eat right and exercise to improve your health and fitness, you will see the most REAL benefit for your time. The exterior will take care of itself. Get right on the inside, and you will be able to live a longer, stronger, and more joyful life.

Building your endurance and stamina will add years to your life and life to your years! Begin to see the improvements by tracking your progress through timed distances and heart rate monitoring. You will be encouraged to set goals and meet them.

It takes a process to reach your goal. Start by making small consistent steps in the direction you want to go. Learn to love the process & you will enjoy each day of the journey.

Don’t let what other people think of you, shape who you become. Stay focused, true to your intentions and prove them wrong.

Often people purchase a product, pill, or plan in the hope that they can live just like they always have, but now get the desired result. This is true for all habits. It is easier to do what you have always done. People live in their comfort zone because it requires nothing of them.

Remember, the quotes you read are simply statements. How you interpret them has to do with your personal perspective. It becomes a reflection of how you feel on the inside. It either validates what you already feel or challenges your opinion. No right or wrong, they are simply food for thought. Feed your mind well!

Thank you Lisa…

Ron Knight

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