Knowledge = Fans

MCSYour knowledge is what will attract readers. (1) Benefit your readers, (2) be available to your readers, (3) entertain your readers, (4) plant images into your reader’s subconscious, (5) be the most knowledgeable person in your reader’s life.

(1) Benefit your readers.

I’ll say this a hundred times until every author believes these words, “Write books that fill a need in the life of your target audience.” If you benefit a reader, they will need you. If they need you, then you have loyal fan.

(2) Be available to your readers.

Most authors write blogs about what is going on in their life. Instead, authors should write blogs about what is going on in the reader’s life. How can you find out what’s going on? Research = Knowledge = Fans

(3) Entertain your readers.

Simply put, if you are writing books based on what you know about your readers, then you will surly entertain those readers. Do not believe that just because you write romance that your readers love romance. Dig deeper.

Do your readers like quick chapters or lengthy classical chapters? Do your readers enjoy characters that are underdogs, or characters that are desired no matter what they do? Keep asking and answering those kinds of questions.

(4) Plant images into your reader’s subconscious.

This may sound a little freaky, but remember the gatekeepers for your target audience are values, goals, passions, and emotions that influence their daily lives. Your goal is not to manipulate those influences, or sneak by them. Your goal is to write stories that relate to those influences.

(5) Be the most knowledgeable person in your reader’s life.

How do non-fiction books succeed? Reader’s look to those books for inspiration, weight loss, financial tips, and other advice that will influence their lives. A great non-fiction writer will make the reader feel like the book was personally written for them. The author is credible to the reader, which means, the author is knowledgeable. The reader learns something in every chapter.

Fiction writers can use non-fiction methods to gain readership. The reader should believe that the book is personalized to them. Show that you are credible with writing in a certain genre. Make sure the reader learns something in every chapter.

Become the author that the reader goes to for wisdom.

Ron Knight

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