Manuscript Evaluation

Manuscript Evaluation and Critique: Having someone in the business go over your manuscript and improve your work is invaluable. UP Authors will make detailed notes on your manuscript and look for key mistakes. This process is used to teach the author along with polishing the work. Here is just some of what we will correct:

  • Point of view changes.
  • Narrative switches.
  • “Show” rather than “Tell.”
  • Adverb adjustments.
  • Overuse of adjectives.
  • Opportunities to add the five senses.
  • Overuse of exclamations.
  • Fluff.
  • Any storylines where “luck” changed the plot.
  • Cliché Phrases
  • Flashback adjustments.
  • Character and plot background specifics.
  • Repeats: Words, ideas, phrases.
  • Overall flow in each chapter.

You may choose the amount of pages UP Authors should evaluate, with a minimum of ten. If you feel we assisted in improving your novel, then the cost is $2.00 per page. (Due after we have sent you the feedback/notes.) If you feel that the feedback/notes were not helpful, then the service is free.